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Listen to Music While Playing: Bluetooth Speaker for Golf Carts


Do you love playing golf? But are you bored when you spend long hours on the course? Golf is a great sport but it can tend to get a bit boring when you spend long hours playing it. Music can entertain you while playing the game. It is not easy to use headphones while you play. Bluetooth speaker is the easiest way to listen to music, especially when you are playing. In this article, you can read about the Bluetooth speakers.

Features of Bluetooth Speakers

When you use a Bluetooth speaker, you should make sure that it has some good features.

Carabiner: Not every model have a carabiner. They are one of the best features for a Bluetooth speaker for a golf cart. Speakers with a carabiner can be easily attached to the bag or a cart and can be useful when you take the speaker off the course. The size and the shape of the carabiner are important because it will determine how well and easily it can be attached to the cart.

Sound: In directional sound speakers, the sound is limited to whatever direction the speaker is facing. Regular portable speakers make the sound limited in the direction in which the speakers face. When listening to music, people would love to hear it possibly from all directions. Omni-directional speakers are the best option for a golf course. They are capable of throwing the sound in all the directions. The quality of the sound should be good.

Durability: There can be a possibility of damage when you drop the speaker, especially when you are outdoors. The speaker should be of high quality and built with only materials that can withstand any impact. This feature is available only for high-quality Bluetooth speakers.

Speakerphone: When you are busy with your game, you would not want to be stopping it just to pull your phone out and take a call. Bluetooth speaker helps you to answer your phone calls from your phone without even looking at it. You will not miss any conference call or an important call. Every portable speaker possesses this feature.

Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity is important to wirelessly connect your device to the speaker. You can play songs in the playlist from your phone. Bluetooth 4.0 or higher will be the best version for Bluetooth-capable portable speakers. This version will ensure that there is seamless and quick connectivity and will offer a better range overall. Make sure the speaker has a 3.5mm audio output or direct from micro SD playback. You can read reviews about Bluetooth speakers online. You can read reviews as noted by to select the best speaker.

Battery Life: Battery life of the speaker is important. It should have the capacity of about seven to eight hours on continuous playback. It will be convenient to use if you are planning to play golf for long hours. When you use it outdoors, you can use a standard USB charging port for charging.