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Movie Genre

Movie buff prefers different categories in movies. The different types of categories include Action, Comedy, Horror, Adventure, Family,  Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Animation, Thriller, Drama, True Story, and so on. Based on the category and good script, a movie can achieve a box office collection. Different country people prefer a different genre. A genre is popular with cinema audiences around the world. Asians prefer Romance and Action, Europeans love Drama, and Italians enjoy Comedies.  You can watch your favourite category online on websites like these will help you to watch movies online free.

Action Genre

Many people love to watch action movies. It includes violence, extended fighting, car and bike chases, and physical feats. It will feature a hero struggling against many problems like life-threatening situations, and a villain. Most of the action movies have ended in victory for the hero. The action genre is closely linked with the thriller and adventure genres, and they may also contain scenes related to drama and spy fiction. In the 1970s and 1980s, martial arts movies of Bruce Lee and Kung-fu movies of Jackie Chan are famous. There are subgenres in action which include Action comedy, Action crime, Action drama, Action horror, and Action Thriller, Science Fiction Action, and Superhero film. Superhero movies like Marvel and DC are popular all over the world. Marvel’s Avenger Endgame has gained worldwide attention and box office collection when released worldwide.

Horror Genre

Horror films create fear for entertainment purposes. People prefer horror films above all. It can be linked to fantasy, supernatural fiction, and thriller genres. The horror films include elements like ghosts, vampires, extraterrestrials, demons, zombies, psychopaths, serial killer, werewolves, vicious animals, etc to evoke viewer’s nightmares, fears, revulsion, and terror. The subgenres in horror movie include zombie horror, action horror, and science fiction horror, found footage, and so on. Horror films like The Conjuring series and The Ring are popular among movie buff.


Asians prefer to watch films with romance genre than others. The story involves a relationship between two or more people. Korean dramas have many fans worldwide because most of the K-dramas will have romance genre. Whether the ending is happy or sad, people love to watch romantic movies.

Science Fiction

Sci-Fi movies have futuristic concepts like advanced science and technology, fiction worlds, space exploration, time travel, parallel universe, and extraterrestrial life. Scientific explorations are explored in this type of movies. The Star Wars film series is popular worldwide and the second highest grossing film series of all time. It is linked to genres like fantasy, hero, and superhero films. Some of the famous Sci-Fi movies are Interstellar, Wall-E, The Matrix, Black Panther, etc. Television series Star Trek gained popularity too. You can stream series online free and watch your favorite series.


People prefer comedy films to relieve their stress by laughing and having fun. It uses humor to induce laughter from the audience through entertaining stories and characters. The sub-genre in comedy film include Action-comedy, Horror-comedy, Romantic-comedy, Anarchic-comedy, Black-comedy, and Parody.