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My experiences with Contentmart as a writer

Contentmart is one of the best platforms I found for writers who want to pursue their writing future as a freelancer. I found this website online when I was a student. The platform helped me earn a good sum of money and gave me a direction of working in this field. Being so thankful to Contentmart, I would like to share my experiences with Contentmart as a writer in this article.

About Contentmart

Contentmart is a platform that connects writers with numerous clients requiring contents for their websites, pages, and books. It is a platform that serves the purposes of not just the writer but also for the customers looking for leading content for their business. For writers, Contentmart works as a platform where you can bid for the orders you see at the rates you expect and get them awarded. Consequently, when the order is accepted, you earn a good sum of money.

Being a student, using Contentmart helped me avoid taking pocket money from home.  The platform works not just as a medium to earn money but has taught me a couple of things. I have learned a lot and still learning more and more. Working on diverse projects, it gives me more confidence and ability to work on complex projects fulfilling the requirements of the clients.

How to use Contentmart

If you look forward to pursuing your career into content writing, freelance writing or a part-time writer, then this platform will work ideally for thou. Joining Contentmart as a writer is easier if you are good at the job. One should have a genuine ability to do researches, have an excellent command over the language, grammar, etc. Thus, if you have the potential, it is just easy to get into Contentmart. While joining, one has to pass all its tests to be a verified writer. Having a verified writer status is essential to get more and more projects. However, it is just about adding a few details about yourself, and here you are a member of the content writers on Contentmart.

On the order page, you will find all the orders posted by different clients. The writers bid on these orders specifying their prices and timeline they will need to work on the requirement. The clients award the order to the most suitable writers, and here you have the opportunity to earn.

Once you complete writing the article, paste the content written on the order wall and send the result. If the client likes your content, it will be accepted else re-assigned.  Once you collect INR 3000 or $50, you can redeem the money in your bank account directly or through PayPal.

Final word

Contentmart has given the potential writers a platform to earn and make their living. Me being one of them, I will suggest all the writers who want to build their career into freelance writing should try Contentmart.