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Office 365: A guide to the software updates

The subscribers of Office 365 consistently have the most recent Microsoft Office version — at present Office 2016. They get more incessant updates for software than the individuals who have not to subscribe and bought Office 2016, which implies subscribers approach the most recent security patches, features, and bug fixes. However, it may be difficult to monitor the adjustments in each update and realize when they’re accessible. We’re helping you here, so you don’t need to.

Below are the Office 365 key updates for Windows since Office 2016 was introduced in September 2015 —2017 all updates and very significant ones from 2016 as well as 2015, with the most recent announced looks first. We’ll include data about fresh updates as they’re turned out.

Version 1912

Date of Release: January 8, 2019

Build 12325.20288

This update incorporates another component that can make looping GIFs in PowerPoint and new features for PowerPoint and Outlook. The new Accessibility Checker in PowerPoint assists you to organize items on your slides in view of the screen audience. What’s more, Outlook right now shows an alarm reminding you to make your substance available when sending emails to a person who needs content that is easily accessible. There is additionally an assortment of minor bug fixes, containing fixing a problem for Outlook that made clients hang in Outlook experience when recovering the Settings of Cloud, and also a problem in Word where the building blocks organizer had shown an invalid caution.

Version 1911

Date of Release: December 10, 2019

Build 12228.20364

This update provides a couple of minor bug fixes and a few updates of security. It fixes the menu of right-clicking for Pivot Charts in Excel to enable the option of “Show Detail” and furthermore fixes Outlook issue that permitted web add-ins to get to Digital Rights Managed messages. Among the updates of security are those that fix a Disclosure Vulnerability of Excel Information, a PowerPoint Remote Code Execution Vulnerability and a Word Denial of Service Vulnerability. What IT has to understand: Because this is an update for security, it ought to be applied generally soon. Throughout the coming weeks, keep an eye on reports about issues that creating a problem, and if all appears to be good, apply the update.

Version 1911

Date of Release: December 3, 2019

Build 12228.20332

This update fixes a variety of bugs and provides a few minor features. Excel has been added with six new functions: SORT, FILTER, UNIQUE, SORT BY, RANDARRAY, and SEQUENCE. Also, now, Excel has a data visualizer add-on that can make charts in Visio. Improvement has been made for Word’s co-composing abilities, making it almost certain progressions will be seen by others continuously. While no workbook was open and users find the recent files in Excel the bugs are also fixed that caused crashes, and another where Office refreshes startlingly downloaded documents from the Office CDN rather than the proposed source.

Version 1910

Date of Release: November 22, 2019

Build 12130.20410

Microsoft has not informed much for this update apart from that it comprises “many [unnamed] bugs and fixes the performance.”

Version 1910

Date of Release: November 18, 2019

Build 12130.20390

This update incorporates anonymous bugs and fixes performance in the description of Microsoft. It additionally fixes two things with Outlook, first is, that made users see unexpectedly the field of location in a change of meeting, and the second one that made users look a void message box with a button of “OK” when attempting to contact support from the context of Account Creation.

Version 1910

Date of Release: October 30, 2019

Build 12130.20272

This update presents a wide assortment of minor new highlights, comprising one for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that checks PDFs you make for the issues of accessibility and provide fixes, and the other one is for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, that applies labels of affectability to your records and messages to keep them compliant with your company policies of data protection. Word additionally gets coauthoring upgrades.

Version 1909

Date of Release: October 22, 2019

Build 12026.20344

This exceptionally minor update that was not related to the security fixes a bug in Microsoft Project, in this bug users receive lots of messages when opening a project that is read-only. Also, so as to ensure the security of Office users, updates of Microsoft Office are starting being signed utilizing the SHA-2 calculation only.

Version 1909

Date of Release: October 8, 2019

Build 12026.20320

This built incorporates various minor bug fixes and a security update. Many bugs were squashed in Outlook, containing a bug that wouldn’t permit the individuals to open a few occurrences of recurring schedule things, and another one that crashes the Outlook at the time where a profile was being made. Also, an issue for PowerPoint fixed that caused loss of information while offline editing and co-authoring. For the whole Office suite, many problems were treated, including the issue that crashed Office while documents were not closed. What’s more, the Updates for Microsoft are signed utilizing the SHA-2 calculation solely so as to improve security.

Version 1909

Date of Release: September 30, 2019

Build 12026.20264

This build fixes several bugs and provides a variety of fresh features. It’s now faster and easier in Outlook to update shared calendars. Furthermore, at the time you search over your mail, the most related messages of email are now grouped.

Version 1908

Date of Release: August 26, 2019

Build 11929.20254

This build provides a few new minor highlights all through the Office. You have more command over borders in Excel and text boxes. Also same commands for Word and PowerPoint, and you can likewise more effectively manage and insert icons in those applications and in Outlook. The whole Office suite gets new symbols. Also, there is an assortment of bug fixes.

The aforementioned, are the few latest versions that I have discussed in this blog. We have a long list that starts in September 2015. It is very useful for the career of an individual and the success of an organization to obtain Office 365 certification and companies to invest in enterprise LMS training.