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Performance Management Software: Usage And Benefits

Performance software solutions used by organizations nowadays are specifically designed to ensure maximum productivity from the employees in a timely and efficient manner. Three major objectives of smart performance management software are to attain effective communication, proper organization and performance optimization. For a software solution to fit into the organizational needs, it must have certain features with the following benefits:

Review Feature

Though the frequency of employee review varies and depends upon the company’s business needs, one very important feature of a performance software is that large amount of review data is stored in the employee files, thus eliminating the requirement of huge paperwork thus saving time. The review feature has the following benefits:

  • Forms available in the review tool allow employees to score on behaviour, punctuality, attitude towards work, attendance etc.
  • Additional questions can be customized according to the company type and specific job role. Answers can be subjective and open, numerical scale scores and also simple yes or no.
  • Performance review forms can also be linked together.
  • Reminder setting of time and date of a scheduled review can be given to employees. Reminders can appear as pop up messages when logged in to a system.

Goal Feature:

This feature in performance management software makes the common targets visible to both the managers and the employees. Both parties can provide updates on a target with simple clicks. The software provides a checklist of the said goals on the screen, the status of which can be changed as and when progress is made on the particular target.

360 Degree Feedback Feature:

A very effective feature any performance software can have, 360 degree reviews provide a clear understanding of the dynamic equation between staff members.

  • Provision of 360 degree request forms that can be sent to anyone within the organization asking for their valuable feedback on any other employee.
  • The feedback request raised can have an expiry date.
  • Completed review requests can be linked to all the previous feedback received by the employee and a report can be run on all the information stored.