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Sector 5 Chromebooks have MS Office 365 Suite Pre-Installed

In the less expensive PC segment, the Chromebook is the armament of Google when it has to battle against the Microsoft PCs. American educational institutes have a web-based syllabus, and these Chromebooks are the most preferred PCs in these institutions, especially after Google has started giving access to the Android apps.

With the E1 and E2 Chromebooks have a few alluring features that include supporting the Android apps, access to Google Playstore, and the users can download and use Skype and various Microsoft apps using these.Image result for Sector 5 Chromebooks have MS Office 365 Suite Pre-Installed

Google Chromebooks are to reach the educational institutions through Sector 5. This is an American company that has tied up with Google, to sell and distribute the Chromebooks for educational institutes, and various B2B and B2C channels. Now, it has been a confirmation received from the end of Google that E1 from Sector 5 would receive Android support. Read more about the detailed features at

Salient Features

The features of the E1 make the Chromebook a rugged one. The features include HD display of 11.6-inch screen and have the quad core processor of 1.8 GHz. The RAM is 2 GB. While using PCs or laptops in educational institutions, it has to be noted that there are huge chances of the system getting damaged, and this is why this Chromebook comes with the suitcase like casing to ensure that the system does not get damaged due to any fall or any kind of harm.

You can find the E1 quite similar to the Nexian lineup. WiFi 808.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI output are the connectivity options offered by this Chromebook. A webcam of 720 pixels is also available. Additionally, these Chromebooks are to get the Microsoft 365 Office Suite for free, which is something amazing and alluring.

Wondering why there is such a hype about the MS Office 365 Suite? Then here is a detailed note on what to get from this Suite from Microsoft. The important features of MS Office 365 Suite will let you know why this is an appreciated part in Chromebook.

Bitcoin Currency:

MS Excel will be able to recognize anything, say calculation and formulae, in the Bitcoin currency from 2017. Excel that runs on Android, Mac OS, iOS, and Windows 10 support this new feature. Even the mobile version users can enjoy this feature.

Data Gathering and Shaping Competency

Excel Data Tab will now let the users add the Power Query section. This is going to be rejoiced indeed by the individuals, enterprises, or employers who rely on Excel for everyday company activities. A wide array of data sources can be found and connected in an intuitive manner consistently with the Power Query.

OneNote- the classroom tool

All the attention goes to One Note for it being a  perfect classroom tool.   This is why Microsoft Developers are going to be more interested in this tool this year. While Microsoft promotes this tool, it can be seen that the company never forgot to improve the tool to make it easier for the staff to control it.

Now, aren’t these enough reasons to awe the Microsoft 365 Suite being preinstalled in Chromebooks from Sector 5.