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Start A Career in Cloud Computing with Theses AWS Certification Courses

AWS caters to enterprises, start-ups, and Public sector organizations. It probably makes solutions for every industry type ranging from automotive to Education and energy. As you can see, none are synonymous with one another. They render services for governments, manufacturing, non-profits, game tech, media, and entertainment so on and so forth. The list is so long and strong that today Amazon’s 70% of revenues are drawn from AWS!

AWS offers certification courses in areas like cloud, System architecture, application development, operations. Further, they have solutions for career paths like database designing, Machine Learning, Media Services, and Storage. At the same time, the most recommended course remains Cloud computing and ML.

In this article, we are going to focus on Cloud computing certifications. You will soon come to know about all the foundational cloud computing courses that can mend your ambition.

The Cloud Computing

Cloud migration is the biggest challenge for almost every enterprise. AWS helps companies to migrate their on-premises workload to AWS. Applications, websites, databases, storage, physical & virtual servers, and the Datacentres of AWS are the game-changer. They save about 32% on infrastructure costs. It has reduced the downtime up to 7 folds, making the IT infrastructure 65% more resilient. 

Products and solutions like Amazon EC2, Lightsail, Elastic container registry, Elastic Load Balancing have drawn widespread popularity for AWS cloud computing.

The Certifications

Surely it has provided confidence to big companies with automation and data-driven guidance and best practices to earn faster results. There are altogether 12 certifications offered in cloud computing by AWS. These can be further divided as follows:

  • One foundational certification
  • 3 Associate certifications
  • Two professional level certifications
  • Six speciality certifications

As per the topic, we will talk about the foundational certification.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

This beginner-level certification validates the certified candidate’s cloud fluency on the following:

  • Global infrastructure
  • Architectural principles
  • Value Proposition
  • Key services of AWS
  • Basic security and compliance management
  • Sourcing documentation

AWS recommends all its applicants to have at least six months of prior experience with AWS cloud in any job profile. And the applicant should have a generic understanding of ITSM and AWS cloud platform.


AWS is lenient enough to offer webinar training sessions. You can have free digital training. For a private training option, you can contact AWS. Or you can go with the expert’s choice. is the best place for your AWS training runs on a subscription basis. It charges you $42 for basic plus membership which accumulates to $499 per annum. In this membership, you will get all sorts of quizzes, practice exams, interactive diagrams, hands-on labs, and many more apart from the training sessions. 

In general, a beginner requires a minimum of 120 hours of study to clear the certification exam at a go. Subsequently, you can subscribe for 5 or 6 months on the website to compliment your preparation. With prior experience, you can nail the preparation in just 60+ hours!

The training session is closely 20 hours long, where they teach everything about Cloud practitioner certification. It contains 19 modules from SQL and NoSQL, serverless, security, and compliance services. You get a comprehensive knowledge through

The Examination

Primarily the examination is focused on catering audience from sales, legal, marketing, BA, IT professionals to project managers. This foundational level certification has 65 questions in the examination to be answered within 130 minutes. The passing score is 700 out of 1000 total marks. 

Two hours of study on weekdays and 4 hours during the weekends will make you strong enough to complete the preparation ideally within 45 days. But if you want to linger the preparation, which you should do. Then this can be 120 hours long. You should linger your preparation so that you are ready for future certification. If all your basic concepts are at the right place, then all the associate certification, professional certification & speciality certifications are easier to achieve. 

Thus, you should make your foundation strong enough to withstand future certification courses.


The certification exam registration would cost you $100 only. Thus, your prime focus should be on grasping domain and technology specifications. On average, you will have to spend around $350 to achieve this certification. 

Thus we, encourage you to invest more in learning than in earning. After getting conferred, you could earn a salary of $86000-$90000 per annum!