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Types of hackers You should be Aware of

If you are thinking that hacking any computer or any account is a very simple task, then you are completely wrong on this. You need to understand that hacking requires deep knowledge of various coding language. For some people, Internet hacking is a game for most of the people nowadays. They achieved satisfaction and happiness after completing their task. Hacking is of different types and you should be aware of all of them. Once you start into illegal hacking, then you are breaking the law and would be subject to many serious legal consequences if you are caught and convicted of an offense for sure. So, make sure you are only involving in legal hacking rather than going for an illegal one.

Here are some of the different computer hacking are mentioned below

White hat

It is a kind of legal hacking. It is mainly used for the benefit for those people who want to know whether their systems are fully secure or not. They also deal with Instagram account hack and various other social media sites for the benefits of the users.

Black hat

Black hat is an illegal hacking and used only for personal benefits by stealing other information. It is mainly used to get other person credit or debit card information or any other financial information and steal a person’s identity.

Grey hat

This type of hacking is a combination of white and black hat listed above. In this, a hacker would use legal breaking into a computer while getting the information for personal gain.

Blue hat

Permission would be given to another person to break into a computer security system to check any errors or bugs.


The elite term is only applied to those who are really professional and talented hackers.

Script kiddie

Script kiddie hackers are those hackers who are using the tools and advice of others to hack into systems. They are highly knowledgeable about computers.


Do not have experience in the field of Internet basics. They are just fresher’s and trying their best to learn about internet hacking and various other Instagram account hack methods.

So, finally, you are aware of the type of hackers and what they do. If you are really interested in learning to hack and want to gain some knowledge, then you can research online on it. It would be helpful for you in many ways for sure.