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Usefulness Of Calculating Tech Debt And Its Management

Calculation of tech debt and expressing it in a simple figurative value will make it easier of understand not only for the code development team but also for the marketing team and even the stakeholders as well. This will help the stakeholders to take the right decision as to whether or not refactor faulty code for repaying the tech debt incurred by it due to early release without proper checkups. Such poorly designed and faulty codes eat away your business lowly and eventually result in its premature death. Therefore, it is required that you understand all the flavors of tech debt and address it as and when it occurs depending on the rate of interest that it carries along with it.

Quantum Of Debt 

For that you first have to calculate the debt and quantify it in a numeric data. It is not financial debt which can be ‘seen’ in figurative value. Technical debt is ‘felt’ more than it can be ‘seen’ and that is the reason it is called a metaphor. Addressing tech debt in a numeric data will help the technical as well as the non-technical team to understand it and the usefulness to refactor it at the earliest. It will make easier for the teas involved in identifying and also in formulating the best suitable way to pay it off quickly.

The Simple Metrics 

All the metrics are easy to understand and simple to follow. At the same time it is very objective so as to make you easily understand and take the informed decision. It is easier, faster and more effective when you work with accurate figures rather than following any vague idea which cannot be seen and is also difficult to feel. You can come up with different useful ideas and can even find a wide range of options open in front of you. All this will save a lot of time, effort and most importantly money as well. This will also eliminate the chances of any misjudgment and miscalculations. You can check online to know the process of quantifying tech debt. Also check out for credit card debt help which is much needed today. Learn about it and go for it when needed.

UsingA Jargon 

Using a jargon is a way to express tech debt but it should be avoided at all times.Jargons like cyclomatic complexity are difficult for the non-technical team to understand and there are several such jargons used in expressing tech debt. On the other hand a numeric value is easy to understand and even the non-technical team can instantly connect with it. Therefore, when you express tech debt in a code by any number on a specific number scale everyone can relate to it and come up with brilliant suggestions even.

Right Way OfApproach

Tech debt can be approached in the right and most suitable way when expressed in a numerical value. You can now calculate the time required for refactoring and dedicate a fixed number of working days for working on the faulty codes to repay debts depending on the numeric value. Part from the time, the cot and effort required can also be estimated.