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VoIP Phone System: 5 Best Things About Making The Switch Permanently

Let’s be brutal here: for any business, the only thing that could keep it on driving forwards is its profits. Advocacies and purpose matter, but you can’t keep working on those at a loss. Efficiency matters; ensuring that each of the available resources is maximized to its full potential.

Smart business owners realize this. That’s why they rely on modern, sophisticated, and efficient telecommunication technology like the VoIP telephone system. The great thing about this, is that there are thousands of virtual voip number providers such as Telnum that have extensive expertise and experience in propelling communication for companies.

But at this point, maybe you’re not convinced yet on how great this upgrade can be for your enterprise. So if you want to learn about the benefits of switching to a VoIP system, keep reading. You’ll realize just how much you’re missing out on by sticking with old and outdated tech.

The VoIP phone system

Before discussing its perks, let’s get on the same page about what it is.

In your current office setup, you probably have a phone at every employee’s desk, and each of them could have a different number. In some cases, each of them may have the same number, and the calls are routed to an available agent by the machine.

Now, imagine all of that but online. You won’t have any equipment if you want, and you all don’t even have to be at the same place. What this tech does is effectively transfer your existing system to another place: in the cloud.

Most of the benefits associated with this system are made possible by the fact that it exists online. In a sense, it’s therefore as boundless as the place – the Internet – where it’s housed.

The top benefits

It’s grabbing the landline’s spot as the staple communication mode available in every single enterprise. And according to some experts, it will drive its biggest competition right now into obsolescence. Here’s why:

  1. It’s not limited to one place

If you’ve ever sent someone an instant message via social media, you know that where you are or the person you’re talking to doesn’t matter. It’s the same way with this phone system. You don’t even have to be in the same country as the person at the other end of the line.

All you have to do is assign numbers to your agents from the area you want to be connected to so you can skip long-distance charges. The system exists where the internet exists. So it’s essentially everywhere at the same time.

  1. It’s low-risk and cheap

Especially if you’re running startups and working on a tight budget, you’ll go the extra mile to make sure that every dollar you spend is worth it. And because of this, long-term contracts for landlines just won’t do it.

After all, who even knows if you’d be in the same office a year from now? And what’s great about a VoIP phone system is you don’t have to make big commitments ever. You pay monthly, and you can end the service anytime.

This also makes it cheaper because you can easily scale down your subscription if you need to. No need to pay for anything you don’t need.

  1. It also works on many devices

One of the biggest hesitations against making the switch is the reliability of their internet connection. Let’s say that your internet is up 95% of the time. What about the remaining 5%? Your enterprise doesn’t need to be out of the radar during that time.

Not only can your phone system reroute calls for multiple devices, but it can also be rerouted to your regular number. So this means that it’s nearly impossible to miss a call under this system.

  1. It’s always upgraded on its own

Your phone that you’re using right now, how long do you think that will last you? Maybe a few years, but you’ll always have to purchase an upgrade again. That’s not the case with VoIP.

If needed, the features that you’re enjoying right now will be upgraded on their own through updates. And normally, you don’t need to pay extra for any of these. Just keep paying the assigned monthly fee, and you’re good!

  1. It gets rid of pricey labor, maintenance, and repairs

As sophisticated as this tech may be, it’s still pretty easy to use. Its interface is usually designed so even someone with no technical experience can make changes on their own. This means you don’t need an IT specialist anymore.

And because there’s no physical equipment, you don’t need to spend anything on repairs or maintenance. This will free up some room for you to invest your resources in other things.

Moving your system is the smart choice that will benefit you, your employees, and your enterprise.