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Web Design Mistakes Your Small Business Should Avoid Making

As a small business, a website is one of the primary marketing channels you employ to promote and grow your brand online. Mistakes in designing your website can therefore have an impact on audience engagement, conversions, and your revenue.

Being aware of common website mistakes can help you avoid an expensive redesign and loss of customers over a poor website experience:

Ignoring the Value of a Professional Service

A Do-It-Yourself approach can turn costly when it comes to website design. While there are template-based designs readily available, a professional website needs to be customised to your business to achieve results. A professional website design company Warrington gives you the benefits of knowledge, skills, technology and experience – factors crucial for your website’s success.Image result for Web Design Mistakes Your Small Business Should Avoid Making

Not Researching your Target Audience Enough

An in-depth knowledge of your target audience is crucial to give your customers the experience they desire on your website. Details such as gender, age group, device and content preference, and browsing behaviour, need to be thoroughly researched.

An expert website design company Warrington utilises such details to decide on website elements such as colours, font type and size, design enhancements, and aesthetics.

If a majority of your target audience, for example, comprises youngsters, your website needs to be designed to suit smartphones as well; in such cases, a responsive design may become necessary.

Going Overboard with Design Just for the Sake of It

Your audiences want information, and they want it in seconds. If your website doesn’t satisfy this basic need, you are going to lose your customers. Be minimal on elements such as animation and graphics if your website doesn’t really require them.

Using bright colours, heavy graphics and auto-play background music just to create an impression will only backfire. In addition, such elements delay website loading, which is sure to drive your visitors to competitor websites.

Choosing a Cheap Service to Save Costs

Choosing a design agency just because it is offering services at a low cost can turn expensive in the long run. There is nothing that puts your audience off than a shoddy design.

Lacking a Solid Call to Action

Your visitors are on your landing page. They have the required information. But, they are unsure of the next step. This seemingly minor design error could cost you valuable conversions. Be it signing up for a newsletter, submitting a contact form, or making a call, a clear call-to-action tells your visitors what to do next, bringing them a step closer to becoming your valued customer.

Neglecting to Update Content

Updating content is essential to keep your customers aware about what’s happening with your company and its offerings. An up-to-date website conveys professionalism and helps build your brand image. There will also be a consistency of information across all your marketing channels (e.g., print brochures, newspaper/ magazine articles, etc.).

Don’t let a poor website design destroy your brand image and business growth! A professional website design company Warrington may come at a cost, but it surely delivers a website that can take your business to the next level.