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What is Alienware and why buy an Alienware Laptop?

Gaming With Alienware

No, it’s not the latest fashion trend for extra-terrestrials. Alienware is an American subsidiary of Dell computers. Founded in 1996 in Miami, Florida, Alienware is an industry leader in gaming machines. These products feature an alien-themed design and function for taking gameplay to a higher level of performance. Alienware products also support intensive graphical applications including video editing, simulation, and audio editing. The current lineup includes desktops, laptops, and consoles.

Alienware Laptops

Alienware laptops are ideal for the gamer who wants a high-performance computer capable of running multiple applications without sacrificing speed or gameplay. Currently available are the Alienware 13, 15, and 17 which all feature 7th generation Intel Core processors, Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce gaming cards, and up to a 17.3-inch display. All Alienware laptops feature copper cooling, Quad HD+ displays, and high-performance CPUs. A four-zone, multi-color RGB keyboard with programmable keys ensures total control of gameplay. You can find more information about Alienware laptops or buy in bulk from CyberCall Laptop Repairs Bristol if you need them for commercial use.

Why Choose Alienware Laptops?

Alienware laptops are the solution for gamers who want to avoid the hassles of building a gaming laptop. Although a desktop computer may offer more power, Alienware laptops provide mobility for players who enjoy an intense game experience on the go. Alienware laptops feature high-quality graphic adapters that easily accommodate new gaming titles. These durable machines with high-powered processors and motherboards can also handle video editing, 3D modeling, and graphic design. Thanks to an affiliation with Dell and years of experience, Alienware has developed a reputation for reliable high-performing laptops.

Gaming Distinction

3D intelligent design distinguishes Alienware from competitors. This technology allows a user to plug the machine directly into a 3D TV or monitor to intensify the gaming experience. Battery life can last anywhere between four and seven hours, with batteries rated for sixty-three to ninety-six watt-hours which is much longer than competitors. Built in features include a webcam, mic, memory card reader, HDMI port, three to four USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a standard DVD drive or an optional Blu-ray player. High-performance graphics, design, and function set Alienware laptops apart from other manufacturers.

For over twenty years, Alienware has played a significant role in shaping the gaming industry by offering laptops with VR capability, a touch-screen display, ample ports, and extended battery life at a competitive price. Alienware laptops provide a compelling alternative for players who choose not to build their systems. Numerous ports and tool-less access allow for easy upgrading and modification. The Alienware 13, 15, and 17 laptops offer a total gaming experience within a highly flexible package.