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What programs can open the tif (tiff) file

The file of this extension is decoded as Tagged Image File Format, and many different programs, both paid and free, allow you to open it.

Why use TIF format to store images?

Images in TIF format allow you to maintain its maximum quality, as they have several layers and show great depth of color. And, as a rule, photos are not compressed, in the form of a multi-page document. Sometimes they are compressed using JPEG, ZIP, LZW.

Most normal editors allow you to open and process tif files. And some of them, such as Faststone Image Viewer, Picasa, etc., will allow you to even change the hue, adjust the depth of brightness and contrast, greatly influence the quality of the photo as a whole.

Software to open tif files on your computer and android

Some programs for opening tif files can be downloaded and used for free. There is software for both computer and Android.

The most common are:

1. FastStone Image Viewer is a free program that allows you not only to tear off this format, but also to convert it to JPG, PNG, etc.

2. IrfanView 4.38 – created specifically for photo editing. The license is free. Runs in any version of Windows (XP, 7.8, Vista, 10) bit depth (32 and 64 bit). As in the case of FastStone Image Viewer, IrfanView can convert files.

3. XnView is a free image viewer. It can extract all images from a multi-page tif file into a separate folder.
When extracting, you can select the extension in which the pictures will be saved: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and others.

4. Tiff Converter Viewer Light – an application for Android 2.1 and above. Allows you to view TIFF (TIF) documents directly on your phone, regardless of its location (in a regular folder, email, file manager, etc.)

If none of these programs suits you, you can convert your tiff file to any format using the online tiff converter (for example, AnyConv).