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Which One Has Better Scope In The Future? OTT or IPTV?

Both IPTV and OTT are quite similar in most aspects. IPTV delivers its service over a private local area network or over any managed service provider network. Whereas the OTT delivers content without the subscription of a traditional cable operator. But there is a diversified range of other features of both the service providers which you must get to know first!

A thorough comparison of OTT and IPTV

·       Quality of its service

OTT does not really have any direct control over the content which it offers to its users. However, mostly it works on the basis of the network connection.

Whereas IPTV subscription is a trustworthy network service that values the content quality highly. And it definitely does offer better quality than OTT.

·       Price

OTT delivers its services at a low cost and besides that, it does offer its users a number of subscription plans which one can opt for according to their convenience.

While IPTV is quite cheap and you can view the contents according to your preference which the OTT normally streams in their platforms. And besides that, you get the privilege of paying for only those shows or channels which you are willing to watch. But OTT does not really offer any such option.

·       Mode of delivering content

OTT is a bit alike to the traditional cable operator when it comes to this part. As its contents are delivered by a specified content provider using an open network.

But in the case of an IPTV network, it delivers its content through a specific internet service provider.

So now that we got familiar with some of its features, let’s get back to the main question: which is going to survive in the market for long? Well, it depends completely on the service providers and the user reviews. As the user experience might vary depending on the network and a number of other factors. A number of customers value the affordability and content quality over everything else. So time is going to answer which one is going to attract more users in the long run!