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Why Voico app is a must-have for international calling.

The concept behind Voico

Keeping in touch with friends and family living in a foreign country can be a tough ask; means of communication can be unreliable and sometimes outright expensive. And that’s where Voico comes in. It is an application that seeks to bridge that gap while providing international video and audio call services at no charge at all. Voico is built around the concept of a multipurpose communication platform that offers virtually everything in the way of affordable telephone services.

Features of the application:

1) Crystal clear free video calls

Voico implores state of the art video buffering technology that results in a video link that is HD in every sense of the word. This feature makes it great for setting up business meetings between distant partners or simply catching up with loved ones.

2) High-quality audio calls at no cost

The application offers audio calls that are free from interference that is synonymous with long distance phone calls. The channel is so clear that you can hear the person on the other side word for word as if he or she were on a local area phone network.

3) Voicemail and conversation recording capability

Communication with others living abroad can be cumbersome because of the difference in time zones. While it might be morning in some parts of the world, it’s the dead of night in another area. With Voico however, no longer will communication be constricted to the confines of time. You can leave or receive voicemails just as you would do with your local service provider. Moreover, you can record business or other important conversations for future reference.

4) Can send notes and attachment files

Voico also provides the user with the option to send or receive attachment files of various formats ranging from video to text. Also, you can send important notes at no extra charge whatsoever.

5) Free language translation

Diversity in language is the largest barrier to international communication. Voico saves you the trouble of spending countless hours learning the nitty-gritty of a new language by directly translating the original language to the intended one that the receiver is familiar with. Voico currently offers translation to and from over a hundred languages.

6) Automatically integrates with your contact list

The application, once installed, will show you which of your contacts are already on Voico so you can begin talking right away. If a particular user is not on the platform, you can send them an invitation to join.

Other features include:

Push notifications for missed messages, voice mail and missed calls and group chatting.

So how does Voico work?

The application is available for download on iOS and Android and to get access to services after installation, all you need to do is create a new account. All it takes then is to input your phone number and you’re good to go. It’s as easy as taking a walk in the park, no registration is required. Voico makes the most of a 4G, 3G, LTE and even Wi-Fi network to create a high-quality connection between the transmission point and the receiving end. Both landlines and mobile phones work just fine with the application.

Communication between Voico users is free of charge but for non-Voico users, there are plenty of 30-day packages that offer hundreds of calling minutes at a comparatively low market rate.

Why is it any different from your average video and audio calling app?

Well apart from offering free video and audio calls and translation in numerous foreign languages, the other unique aspect about Voico is its first of kind free credit earning scheme. Credits enable users to get extra calling minutes (to non-users) and can be obtained through a host of simple avenues which include:

  • Installing other suggested great apps
  • Viewing brief video advertisements
  • Unlocking new levels in partner gaming apps
  • Completing simple Q&A sessions and other intriguing offers
  • Using the instant translator text messaging feature

Credits earned can be used as calling credit to Non-Voico users. Also, did you know that Voico is the first application to offer free international calls to the USA, Mexico and Canada? Well, sign up today to take advantage of these unrivalled exciting offers.

Final Verdict

Voico offers everything you’d ever want from an International service provide; reliability, quality and most importantly, FREE service! Plus, the ability to earn free credits simply puts the icing on an already exquisite cake. The application is a must-have if you regularly communicate abroad and is heads and shoulders above other apps of its kind. Install Voico today and realize that vast distance between far away friends and family grow ever so small.