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Word Count Tool: For Better Virtual Engagement

The words we say and post on our social media accounts can cause a massive impact on something or someone. Some posts can even cause a breakthrough in political issues and people’s perspective towards a particular subject. Being a responsible citizen means that you also have to be accountable for your social media posts. 

If you are an aspiring online writer or blogger, it is a must that you have to be meticulously particular with your grammar and content. We have several available online tools that can help you in these areas, and the Word Count Tool is one of the best. To become more efficient in writing, check out its features!

The Purpose of Character Counter

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are vastly used in our daily lives. Whether it is for personal or business-related reasons, we use these platforms for almost 80% of our day. So what is the primary relevance of the character counter? Why are counting characters on online posts important? 

According to some research, keeping your characters limited to 40-80 can captivate your audience better. Although social media platforms’ limits reach 63,000, maintaining a precise, yet fascinating post is much advisable. Word Count Tool’s character counter has advised limits for these social media platforms: 

  • Facebook-80 characters(with an ideal length of 40-80)
  • Twitter-280 characters(with an ideal length of 71-100)
  • Instagram-150 characters(with an ideal length of 138-150)

These top three are the most used social media throughout the globe. The drastic rise of Instagram has allowed itself to be included on the list. This online tool also has a character counter that does not include the spaces in between. It is quite the ideal tool for gauging your accuracy to improve your eye-catching posts! 

Word Count Tool

One of the current trends nowadays is being an online streamer. Some people play popular video games while streaming to increase viewers and gain popularity and soon become their primary income source. You also have to maintain a good connection with your viewers by keeping them updated; following the tips mentioned above can help keep it. 

Aside from the character counter, they also have the word counter tool. This tool also measures characters, characters without spaces, sentences, and paragraphs. Writers always have adequate measures to keep the readers tangled with their composition. The word counter tool is helpful to help maintain your writings more comfortable to read.  

The word counter tool also has various exciting features. Aside from its extra tools for customizing text, you can also check on your word frequency. It also has the Flesch Reading Score to assess your text readability further and measure its reading time. You can also review the number of words you put per page. 

Other Tools of Word Count Tool

The character and word counter enhance your ability to write more effectively. However, this online tool has other efficient mechanisms to offer that might be of excellent help in your future endeavors. Check out the scrabble word finder and Pomodoro timer.

Scrabble Word Finder

Playing Scrabble is an excellent exercise for the mind. But there are instances wherein we reach our limits and breakout from our well-protected patience. If you were up to the challenge but lost the motivation to do it further, you can use the scrabble word finder to finish the job! Or if you just want to win over a little competition with your neighbor, why not? 

The unsung technicalities of scrabble make it somewhat complicated. But for Scrabble fanatics, this is probably not a surprise. The scoring system is based on different factors, such as high points for difficult letters Q and Z. The next highest point contributor is J and X. Identifying this scoring system will improve your Scrabble gaming! 

Pomodoro Timer

Enhancing productivity is heavily correlated to time management. The Pomodoro Timer helps you in managing your time better. If you are a person close to procrastinating, then this might solve your problem! Take your time to analyze and understand the Pomodoro timer’s concept, then apply it to your daily tasks. It composes of three separate timers. 

The first one is a 25-minute timer with 5-minute breaks after, popularly known as one Pomodoro.  The next one is a custom timer with modifiable minutes and intervals. This tool can depend on your preference and availability for you to identify what best suits you. The last one is a one-time timer that can be used for basic routines. 


Free online tools are like Christmas giveaways; they give you the best they can offer without asking for a single dime. You can open more doors of opportunities by understanding and maximizing online tools such as Word Count Tool. To better improve your productivity, blend in with the changes and advancements. Take advantage of technology and soar higher.