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All in One Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin on the Web

You have purchased a domain and you are ready to start your own blog. WordPress is presented, be that as it may, you don’t precisely have everything set up. What to do now?

You can use a temporary coming soon WordPress plugin to influence an help make a positive buzz and potentially start developing an ahead of schedule. Once you enabled a good looking Coming Soon Page, you are ready to work from behind the admin panel.

Instead of simply allowing visitors to hit a broken screen you can in like manner use this plugin to influence a phenomenal looking placeholder to tell your visitors what’s going on your blog.

Today on our blog we are reviewing Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode WordPress plugin. Are you ready?

Notable Features of the Plugin


Before hopping into the plugin points of interest profoundly, simply take a gander at a portion of the eminent highlights of this extraordinary plugin.

  • Comes with excellent themes
  • Works on all latest version and themes
  • Nice looking Instagram model filters
  • You can choose from 400,000high resolution images
  • Powerful SEO Setup
  • Option to collect Emails from the beginning
  • Drag & drop builder features
  • Design Social Icons
  • Video Module
  • Countdown Design

400,000+ High Quality Images

The Plugin comes with a gigantic 400,000+ high quality images library that urges you to make charming backgrounds while your blog or website is in maintenance or coming soon mode. You have the contrasting option to pick any photos from these numbers that fit your site.

SEO Setup

SEO Snippet Preview gives an ongoing review of how the webpage will look in Google’s query items. SEO tests keeps running more than 20 tests on different parts of your SEO and gives significant result.

Powerful Video Module

This is one of the features I adore about the plugin. A nice meaningful video is worth more than 1000 pictures. With this Video module, you have the option to include video sources from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and so on.

Collect Emails Using Mailchimp

Coming Soon supports your autoresponder or CRM and will push endorsers into them. You can add an Email Collection option to your blog without having to use 3rd party plugins. If you are a Mailchimp user, the rest steps are really simple.



I’m sure you won’t be upset with the pricings. The price starts from just $69 for 1 personal site with 20+ excellent templates. Pay just once and claim the Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode for the lifetime. There is an Agency lifetime plan for just $199. If you are on a limited budget, you can buy the Pro Yearly version for just $19 that comes with 20+ templates and 1 year free updates.

The Conclusion

On the off chance that you are totally serious about your online business, give Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Pages for WordPress with an awesome begin. I’m sure you will love and you will get what you paid for. For what reason would you say you are up ’til now delaying?