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Band Sawmill and Equipment Manufacturing For All Your Lumber Needs

SELECT Sawmill has an objective to provide the most effective and efficient solutions for both small and mid-sized businesses looking to achieve portable-but-affordable commercial sawmill operations.  Thus, the company sells a variety of sawmill equipment across Canada.


SELECT Rosserhead Style Debarker handles logs from 36” down to 5” in diameter and up to 20 feet long. It is sensibly designed to perform vigorously without the waste of excessive power consumption.

    • 12” debarking head with carbide teeth and built in depth control
    • Motor: 20 hp electric motor for debarking head
    • 15 hp for hydraulic pump
    • Hydraulics: 16 GPM Tandem pump
    • 12 log rolling wheels
    • four unloading arms
    • two log placement rollers to forward or reverse log
    • two hydraulic plugs for infeed deck
    • foot controlled carriage movement allows hands to be free for hydraulic controlsImage result for Band Sawmill and Equipment Manufacturing For All Your Lumber Needs

The Debarker also has the following additional options:

    • 25 hp Kohler V-twin liquid cooled gas engines (one each for the head and the hydraulic pump)
    • infrared deck (12 or 24 ft)
    • trailer package
    • plate over the hydraulics to accommodate longer logs
    • waste conveyors

SELECT 4016E Heavy Duty EDGER

The SELECT 4016E Heavy-Duty Edger has hydraulics and computerized setworks with an available optional programmer and features:


The Edger also has various feeds:

    • two live 6” infeed rolls
    • two live 6” outfeed rolls
    • two 8” top rollers
    • a 3” x 6” rectangular tubing frame
    • 2 11/16 “ main arbour
    • Blade Adjustment between 2” and 30”
    • a hydraulic adjustable feed speed of up to 200 FPM
    • Computerized Setworks with 12 programmable preset memories (with an available optional programmer)
    • Automatic lubrication every 3 minutes with manual options, of course.


The SELECT TS716 Trim Saw can produce exact board lengths between 3′ and 16′.  It has the following specifications:

    • Two 20 hp electric motors (at 14.92 Kw)
    • One 15 hp electric motor (at 11.1855 Kw)
    • Two 24” circular blades
    • 12′ (w) x 17′ (l)
    • 5 chains
    • maximum board thickness of 7”
    • maximum board length of 16′


The SELECT 812 Chopsaw is equipped with hydraulic cylinder for vertical head movement, a hydraulic clamping device, a laser guide, and hydraulic power-pack. This particular machine is designed to be compact for lightweight shipping. The specifications are:

    • 10 hp electric motor
    • 33” circular saw blade
    • 48” (w) x 60” (l) x 55”-60” (adjustable height)
    • 12” x 12” board capacity