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Biometric entry automation; keep your company premises safe and intelligent

The competition in the market has seen a substantial rise in recent years. With more and more companies starting to outperform the old ones, companies are in the search for a better thing to go ahead in the market. The number of unethical use of backdoor passwords to hack into a competitors system and sending in spies to find their strategies is not a rare thing these days. Understanding this problem, many companies have done a lot of things to secure both their systems and premises. Among this, the biometric system is known to be the most effective and hence the popular one. 

The problems with card entry

Before the biometric systems came into existence, card entry was the most common one among companies. Many companies are still using this old mechanism to control admission to their premises. However, these systems are prone to a lot of cheating and hence are less secure. With such a process, anyone with the card can enter the station and leave without giving their true identity. So a stolen card or a fake one will do the job quite easily. This is the main problem tackled by the biometric entrance making it impossible for someone unauthorised to enter, as there is no way to make a fake biometric data. 

Quick and intelligent

Scanning a fingerprint or a retina might sound like a long process that requires a lot of hardware. But, technology is very much improved; it takes nothing but a fraction of second to scan and feed into the system. The equipment used for the whole process is also minimal. With the help of cloud access, there is very less infrastructure needed to set up such a system in any building. 

Data and trends to learn from

The world is controlled by data these days. With a lot of people surfing around the internet, we get an enormous amount of data which, when utilised correctly offers a wide variety of application. The case is the same as the biometric entry system. You get clear cur information about the timing of entry and exits of each employee. This usually includes break timing is taken by these people too. When you use the data to mine useful information, you get to evaluate your employees and the underlying culture seen in the organisation. This can be used to improve a lot of things within the company.