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Comparing Asus And Lenovo Laptops To Help Consumers

A couple of brands you are bound to have come across, if you are looking for a new laptop, is Lenovo and Asus. Both of these companies are established industry players, however for people who are not technically minded, comparing Asus and Lenovo laptops is no easy feat — particularly given the conflicting opinions that are available online. Buying a laptop is not to be taken lightly. You want a model that will offer great performance for an affordable price. To help you make an informed decision, this review will provide more details about the brands, so you can compare their respective merits against each other.

Uses and Features

The laptops manufactured by Asus are really attractive. They are produced from materials that are durable and high quality, irrespective of the price tag. They take a minimalistic approach to laptop design, and every model has a sleek finish. If you need a laptop for business purposes, Asus models are ideal, because they are highly portable and simple to transport between different locations. Also, these laptops have large screens and excellent resolution and graphics, so they are perfect for gamers.

The laptops from Lenovo have smaller screens than the Asus models, however they come with excellent software, some of which is aimed at students and teachers. These laptops have the processing power to handle complex databases, so they are a good option for business people. With Lenovo Presentation Tools, laptops can be easily attached to projectors with their inbuilt HDMI connectors. This is something that Asus models do not offer.


As an OEM, Asus has no third parties taking a slice of their profits, and they use their own parts most of the time, so they can pass on these savings to the customer. Indeed, Asus appears to charge fair prices for their laptops. A glance at the specification list, in comparison to their competitors, confirms this to be the case. For instance, the Flip 14 Zenbook costs roughly $1300 – and, taking into account the included components, this is excellent value. Obviously, you have to look at each individual model to assess whether it is worth buying. Nonetheless, Asus is notable in that they offer affordable prices on a wide range of laptops, so there is a suitable model for virtually everyone.

Lenovo laptops do cost more than the equivalent models from Asus, on average. In part, this is due to the fact that they have a more famous brand. In spite of this though, laptops from Lenovo have outstanding features and are suitable for a broad variety of purposes, so the prices are not overly steep. Ultimately, you can purchase a laptop from Lenovo and still feel as if you received a good deal. Also, Lenovo often have sales, so you could bag yourself a bargain if you keep up to date with the company news.

Comparing Asus and Lenovo Laptops – Closing Summary

Asus laptops are priced more competitively than Lenovo models, but this is not the be all and end all. Both brands have strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, the details above will assist you in choosing the right laptop for you.