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Eric Minoli – Your Guide for Digital Transformation of Business

The digital transformation uses technology to create value and new services for a variety of customers, advance, and develop the skills necessary to quickly adjust to changing conditions. Businesses must undergo a profound digital transformation to fully capitalize on the changes and opportunities brought about by a combination of digital technologies and their quick impact across society. This transformation must consider present as well as future shifts.

It’s crucial to start with a strategic approach because digital transformation is a protracted and complicated process. This can be done by hiring an experienced digital transformation strategist, and nothing is better than Eric Minoli. 

About Eric Minoli

Digital disruption affects every industry and organization differently. Business transformation is something Eric Minoli and his company Calimero Consulting have a lot of experience with. Minoli is an expert in company transformation with more than 30 years of experience in the media and education industries. His company has received numerous accolades for business changes. Eric Minoli and his team in Calimero Consulting provide consultancy in digital disruption, problematic technologies, and agile transformation. 

About His Career 

His employment and academic experiences in Brazil, France, India, Canada, and the United States have helped to shape his strong multicultural and practical approach to international affairs.

  • Mini-MBA from McGill University.
  • Certification in Digital Transformation from the University of Golden State, Berkeley.
  • Bachelor’s degree – Université de Provence (France).

He also serves few of the boards and committees –

  • The International Federation of TV Archives
  • Les Médias Francophones Publiques
  • (a company reinventing distribution platforms with Ethereum blockchain)
  • Université First State l’Ontario Français 

He is the founder and CTO as well as the director of ground systems engineering at Secure Enterprise Systems Engineering (SES). Mr. Minoli previously held the positions of director of network architecture at Capital One Financial and chief technology officer of InfoPort Communication Group. 

He has given numerous lectures during his career on subjects related to IPv6, wireless networks, video, and VoIP. Additionally, he has participated in various local college courses covering similar subjects.

Calimero Consulting’s Guide to Digital Transformation

Vision Accomplishment

The purpose of Calimero Consulting is to assist businesses in turning their vision into a reality. This can all be achieved with strategic project management, the execution and delivery of significant plans, engineering, good communication, and management planning strategies. 

Usage of Technology

It is not breaking news that technological trends are rapidly advancing. Calimero Consulting assists companies in using all the data and technology required for the expansion of their business by examining educational gaps, creating use cases, and implementing innovative AI, data, and alternative technical trends.

Business Transformation

Calimero Consulting also provides business coaching. They will support in every step during the business transformation process. To accomplish this, Eric will personally examine the current technical applications, calculate budget and resource requirements, assess useful trends, and put a digital transformation plan into action. 

Eric Minoli is a valuable advisor with extensive experience in the electronic media industry. He executes directives with rigor and creativity between the specified timeframes. He has a deep enthusiasm for modern technology, fine cuisine, and world geopolitics. He enjoys travelling. He is regarded as being simple to talk to, a skilled negotiator, tenacious, and an efficiency hunter.