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Facts you must consider before buying anti- radiation mobile cases

Cell phones are that kind of technology that has revolutionized the mankind. They bestow the humans with countless number of benefits but at the same time are unsafe also. The cell phones emit dangerous electromagnetic radiations which are detrimental for humans. It is not possible to stop or avoid the use of mobile phones altogether in present time, so certain measures must be followed to protect yourself from these radiations; the one of which is using cell phone radiation protecting case. But their role as a protective measure is yet not proven completely.

Are these cases really effective?

Radiation cell phone case works by deflecting the toxic radiations away from the body of the user towards a small circuit board in the phone case. It mainly keeps the radiations away from the screen of the phone, the part which is mostly near to the head. Though not blocking the radiations completely, these cases help in reducing them thereby reducing the body’s exposure and the damage. One must always buy the trusted and certified cell phone radiation cases that are actually operative powerfully.

Some drawbacks of these cases

The anti -radiation cases protect you from the harmful radiations but nothing good comes without any trouble. These cases also have some demerits like-

  • Bulky– They are quite large that fits on the phone with difficulty. And can also become uncomfortable when kept in the pocket.
  • Limited designs– usually they come in poor designs and the stylish ones are limited to few stocks.
  • Expensive– the radiation protecting cases are more expensive than the normal ones, starting from minimum $50.

One cannot rely completely on these cases and must follow other preventive methods also. The user must understand that not all phone cases blocks the radiation, only those specially designed for this purpose accomplish the task.