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Guide on how to get your guest Posts published on sites like Huffington and Forbes

To date, the internet has 1.55 billion blogs. World-over, a new blog is created every half-a-second. Most are small-time bloggers hoping that one day they could be part of bigger sites. The good news is that big sites like Huffington Post, Forbes,Entrepreneur Online and others are accepting guest posts. Your blog could be posted as long as its content is what they are looking for.

What do they talk about?

  1. The Huffington Post is an online news aggregator from U.S.A. They maintain local and international editions of blogs. The site offers blogs, business, comedy, culture, entertainment, environment news, healthy living, lifestyle, news and lots of other.
  2. homepage are for world’s business leaders. It is an engaging mix-up of top stories, trending features and videos. Content creators can participate in their unique social journalism platform.
  3. EntrepreneurOnline contains business ideas and trends from Entrepreneur Magazine. They have the most recent latest news, advice from experts, and strategies for small businesses to grow and everything about small business.

How to get your blog published in the guest posts in bigger sites

  • Study your target site

After selecting your target site, spend time reading their latest contents. Pay attention to: covered subjects; depth of detail; sites they link to, and other quality indicators. Studytechnical details as choice of words, line breaks, formatting, subtitlesand tone. Your goal is for your content to fit with your targeted site.

  • Copy their style

Your best content could still be rejected due to technical details. Study these aspects of your target site and see how your content compares. Follow what are the average word counts per post and per paragraph for posts. Study their subheads, on the average and their links. Apply all data to your own writing.

  • Link to other posts found on your Host’s blog

Boost your guest chances putting to at least one link to another post on your host blog. It benefits the blogger and shows that post you created this post especially for them. It shows your expertise in blogging. You might find older posts that have been neglected for some time.

  • Post authoritative content

You will never get guesting post in Huff if your content is not of high quality level. Their editor looks and decides if it’s worth publishing. Most editors have very high standards turning away many writers has been turned away. The will send you a simple form of rejection letter or just ignore you.

  • Provide something extraordinary

That means the content you produce needs to be high quality.It must be extraordinary and unique. It has content that you consider a great asset to have on your site.

  • Work with editor comments

Editors served like gatekeepers to determine the writer’s adaptability to changes and how their work complements with the site rather than against it. They are watching your ability to adapt at the same time testing how well you are able to meet challenges in times of changes.

Bring your blog to the next level by guest blogging in bigger sites like Huffington, Forbes and others. You can creates your online influence, help develop your online authority, build your own credible portfolio and improve your writing. Just follow these guides and you will be writing guest post in all those bigger sites.