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How cloud marketing can help your business

The social media boom in recent years has opened the door for new and more cost-effective marketing methods for small to mid-size businesses. Gone are the ad posters that expire after a couple of weeks. It is digital now and with that marketers enjoy more precision and control over their campaigns.

Cloud marketing ( in particular has revolutionized product advertising. Cloud marketing software stores information on a single platform which you and your team can easily access at any time.

The integrated and easy-to-manage platform gives companies a complete view of vital information to help tremendously with the planning and execution of any marketing campaign. Cloud marketing software ( not only provides automated start-to-finish lead campaigns but also insights on how to generate interest in products. Packed with the right approach and the right analytical tools, cloud marketing has become an inseparable part of any company’s drive for growth.

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What are the benefits of a cloud marketing automation software?

  • Highly cost-effective due to its digital-format nature, eliminating the need for old-fashioned print-based marketing methods
  • Full customization of marketing campaigns that involves analysis of data, insight, creation of beautiful design and responsive and timely automated emails
  • Time saving – with cloud marketing businesses can make sure they hit the right spot at the right time when advertising their material

What are the best cloud marketing automation tools for my business?

  • Bmp’online

Bpm’online is an award-winning and powerful cloud marketing automation software which scans and analyses data from visitors for your website so that you can use it later; verify and enrich it by linking it up to data from external sources such as social media accounts. Then the leads’ profiles are stored on a unified platform which can be accessed and analyzed by all of your team. Sophisticated analytic tools then allow users to identify the most suitable leads and turn them into permanent customers.


The software has a visual campaign designer which allows for planning and scheduling of extensive marketing campaigns. Gathered leads can then be nurtured by means of automated personalized emails based on account information about them.

Not only this, bpm’online marketing also has at its disposal a comprehensive event management system which helps with the running of various webinars, conferences, promotions and advertising campaigns.

Full program features:

  • 360-degree customer view – find all the necessary socio-demographic data about each customer, or lead, stored in one shareable place
  • Segment data from customer accounts and stack it together to better set up and target marketing bulk emails campaigns
  • Website behavior tracking – observe visitor behavior and identify potential leads
  • Lead management – gather and organize information about your leads
  • Trigger campaigns – set criteria for target conversion rates and campaign completion
  • Personalized email marketing based on gathered customer data
  • Event and Business process management – use automations tools to help you organize business events and processes
  • Set up tasks in your calendar and get notifications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Award-winning tested-and-proven software

Biggest Advantage: Variety of extremely effective and proven functions covering all aspects of marketing and a hard-to-beat package of analytical tools which clearly reveals weak spots of any ongoing marketing campaign.

Biggest Disadvantage: May require employees to undergo some kind of training to use the software.

  • Active Campaign (

Active Campaign is another solution for small to mid-size businesses. This cloud marketing solution offers a unified platform where third-party information about customers and potential leads can be shared across all channels of business operation. Users can use advanced tools to create goals and measure the effectiveness of each step along the way, gaining valuable insight and making it possible to eliminate bottlenecks that stagnate growth.

With all the necessary information available via the integrated data-sharing platform, marketers can then send personalized emails to leads in style. The marketing software offers easy-to-use drag-and-drop design creation system which adds a striking element to the personalized emails.


  • Has a very user-friendly interface eliminating the need to train staff
  • Automation options ( which spur tasks in action when certain conditions are met
  • Automation options which allow updates for customer data as well as to initiate campaigns and add task branches
  • Website visitor tracker which sniffs out for potential new customers
  • Ability to integrate with other crm systems allowing for external data to be utilized when planning and executing marketing campaigns
  • Smart email content function which offers dynamic email content according to contact’s stored personal information
  • Powerful filtering and analysis tools allowing for thorough insights onto customer behavior
  • Easy to use and has some very good feedback

Biggest advantage: Adjustable price according to number of contacts. No contractual obligations – can be canceled at any time.

Biggest disadvantages: Lack of landing page builder while crm and email builder could do with additional helpful functions.