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How Many Photos Are There On Your Phone?

These days, people take more pictures and enhance them using photo enhancer tool than at any other time in history. In just a few minutes, more photos are taken today than in the entire 19th Century!

In a school in Italy, it has been studied that almost half of the students – on average – shoot and publish on social networks at least a couple of selfie a week, many of which are enhanced with picture enhancer. How does Social Psychology today explain a phenomenon so rampant? There are various explanations all valid at the Psychology of Selfie that you will find here in these points;

  • Selfie defines us
  • Selfie attracts attention
  • Selfie increases social media popularity
  • The beauty of selfie

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Explanation Of These Points

  • Selfie Is A Way To Define Ourselves

The Selfies is a way to define our identity. A self-portrait is a way to communicate our self-image or the way we define ourselves. Or the way we define ourselves, the way we believe we are – which often does not coincide with the way others see us.

Today we can take pictures much more easily and share them with thousands of people, the weight that our image has on others has increased a lot.

The more Selfie promotes a certain identity;

  1. Nice
  2. Sexy
  3. Adventurous
  4. Funny
  5. Intelligent

The more likely the others will create that image about you, they will form an impression on you of a certain kind.

  • Selfie Attracts Attention

There is little to do; our brain is naturally attracted to the faces. There could not be a spread of the selfie if there were someone else who pays attention to us, puts a like or share! In Computer Science they conducted a study through eye-tracking, a machine that can measure where the user’s gaze fixes attention and the faces always win!.

  • Selfie Increases “Likes” And “Comments” In Social Networks

The greater attention to the selfie leads to a higher probability of inclusion of comments and likes, and this gratifies the person who receives them, motivating him even more to repeat the selfie.

  • The Beauty Of A Selfie Depends On The Angle Of The Photo

A study by Mei-Chen Yeh and Hsiao-Wei Lin showed that the beauty of a selfie depends on the specific angle of the selfie, showing that the beauty of the photo depends in part on the shape of the triangles defined in certain areas of the face. Clearly, another determinant of the beauty of a selfie is the physical beauty of people, a variable that greatly influences the interactions between people. The face is first mapped by determining the red dots of an image. And then triangles are defined by joining various points in the face. The visibility and the shape of the triangles vary according to the angle of the face, and an algorithm in a computer can calculate all this by defining what the best angle for a selfie can be.