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How to Build a Stealer Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Marketing is not something that you can start after development process finished. You should remember that you have to have a successful marketing strategy that involves both user acquisition and user retention before you launch your app. If you don’t give importance to your app marketing strategy, your app will be condemned to fail! Don’t forget that there are millions of mobile apps out there that you have to compete to reach the success you dreamed. Now if we come to agree about the importance of an app marketing strategy, it is time to find out the best practices of creating a successful one.

  • Segmentation is everything: A successful strategy starts with a successful segmentation. Without knowing your users and your audience, you cannot give them what they want. And this brings failure. This is why start with segmenting your audience according to their characteristics and needs. Start by determining the important attributes like sex and country. And after completing your segmentation, don’t forget to test these segments to make sure that they are your real buyer persona.

  • Include Organic Channels: There are a lot of things you can consider to manage your app’s marketing efforts. The most important ones are social media management, mail marketing, content marketing, review management and App Store Optimization. You need to learn each of these terms and include them in your app marketing plan. You can easily find out each one’s best practices and use cases for your mobile app. You can also analyze your competitors to have an idea about their organic efforts.
  • Paid Channels are Important: Another thing that you should keep in mind that paid channels are very significant to reach the success. Organic efforts are very important but they are not enough to lead you to success. Here are the most effective paid channels for you to use after launch: Boost campaigns, video campaigns, non-incentivized banner ads, social media ads, retargeting, and native ads. There are more and more types of ads out there but these will help you to reach success in a short period of time.
  • Retention is More Important than User Acquisition: One of the main mistakes among app developers is considering user acquisition as more important than user retention. However, it is completely wrong. If you can’t keep your current users using your app, you cannot acquire new users. Unhappy users will cause to bad reviews and decreasing user retention rate. And this will lead to decreasing user acquisition rate. First, convince your users to keep using your app, then, let them bring new ones to your app with word of mouth.
  • Know Which Metrics to Track: Let’s say that you’re doing everything written above very successfully. How will you know that if things are going well or not? Number of installs is not the only metric that proves your success. You should also track Retention Rate, Lifetime Value, Customer Acquisition Cost, and much more to have an idea about the process. Learn each of these metrics and how to calculate them and track them to make sure that you are on the right track.