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JDI CTrax Certificate of Insurance Benefit for Companies

A Fort Lauderdale, FL-based company JDi Data has a paperless solution to the daunting task of Certificate of Insurance Tracking. JDi Data created a new software called CTrax to assist any companies with tracking certificates. CTrax allows users to view and manage the expiration date of the certificate of insurance.

CTrax’s user-friendly software allows companies to upload and retrieve certificates of insurance at any time necessary. The information can be viewed relevant to policy periods, carrier, producer, coverage limits, and contact name.

No longer do companies have to rely on manually update the insurance profiles. With CTrax cutting edge software, all fields will be updated automatically upon receiving renewal from the service provider. Once a user defines the parameters, the software does the rest.

CTrax has a proven track for the delivery return on investment. JDi CTrax allows users less risk exposure and more automation. What this means is by the knowledge and research gather by the JDi team, companies can increase their productivity by spending less time on consuming task and more on mitigating risk. Notably, JDi aims to lower operating cost for clients of all size if they invest in CTrax.

Companies working with a large number of vendors should take an interest in this product.  With CTrax, companies can easily group COIs by related projects. This process will save the hassle of trying to gather all of the information from users working on the same project.

This web-based product is ideal for risk management companies because it allows users to view and manage the expiration date of the certificate of insurance. CTrax used the innovative process of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to capture the certificate’s information automatically and transfer the information to the vendor profile.

Risks are likely to occur at any given time. Certificate of insurance is important for the purpose of someone possibly being injured on the job or if the property is damaged. Also, faulted work or improper work performed can present risk management problems which are why CTrax tool is fundamental.