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Oppo Find X – Stylish Looks, Great Functionality

Oppo Find X is all things exciting and stylish, and it is a functionality-packed gadget too. The mobile phone is known for its unified design and brings the best of the features to the users to enjoy. To begin with, its body is designed in a way to deliver gradient effect to ensure that it sparkles from every angle possible. The gadget is finished to the best for an amazing user experience.

Photography genius

According to a reliable source, the gadget lives up to the expectations of selfies’ lovers. The gadget offers smooth photography experience due to the innovation-enriched cameras that capture not only images, but lots more than that also. The cameras are

  • embedded kind,
  • have sensor,
  • rear camera is dual along with the outstanding quality front camera

You get to personalize the selfie! Yes, read correctly! There is an AI-enabled 3D camera capable of analyzing the facial feature available. It prompts you to make adjustments to get that perfect selfie without anything to regret about.

Sturdy to the core

Oppo Find X is about 3, 00,000+ times more durable than the previous counterparts. This gadget is made to pass through drop tests and its structure is sliding type that makes it truly fall-protected.

3D face recognition system

You could not reach your own phone faster than this ever. The 3D face recognition system is way far faster than the fingerprint recognition and allows you to access the camera when something needed to be captured in a jiffy.

Faster processing support

There is 8GB running memory support and the strength of Qualcomm Snapdragon makes it a speedster when it comes to achieving results. The storage memory of 256GB makes data processing butter smooth and offers ideal conditions for gaming lovers.

This device is surely a must-buy and can make great travel companion that can help you capture the moments and convert them into beautiful memories!