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As discussed in the previous article the 4G internet kit is a groundbreaking solution to conference wifi internet connectivity on a varied number of connected devices from 1 to 100 users. In addition, we discussed the benefits of this kit over the Mi-Fi and concluded that the speed, efficiency, and range of the 4G internet kit surpass many personal mobile hotspots at conferences. This article and the next discuss frequently asked questions by clients seeking this sort of service from Trade Show Internet.

  1. Q. How does the 4G Internet kit overcome signal interference at crowded trade shows and conferences?
  1. Providing reliable Wi-Fi at crowded conferences as a conference wifi provider has several challenges. To help the customers overcome the challenge of Wi-Fi signal interference, TSI has put in place a channel selection strategy that uses best practices. This is;
  • A newer 5 GHz public Wi-Fi spectrum Band that has a total of 21 non-overlapping channels that consumers can choose from. This band, as a result, carries lesser risks of interference. TSI also programs each kit’s CradlePoint router at the conference to seek and broadcast its Wi-Fi signal on the least crowded 5Ghz channel. It is just important for the user to check that his devices are compatible with (802.11a) 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Incompatible devices need hardware upgrades to support this band during the conference. Alternatively, the user can hardwire a maximum of 4 devices with a rented or personal standard cat5 cable.

If most devices on site are incompatible with this spectrum band, TSI routers can easily be configured both remotely and in advance to the older 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channels that are in the spectrum band range as per the FCC rules. This channel is suitable for certain environments however, it is limited to only 3 non-lapping channels as compared to the kits 21 non-lapping channels and therefore results in radio-frequency interference and overcrowding at events. As a result, TSI, as your reliable conference wifi provider does refund the inability of the satisfactory Wi-Fi connection using the 2.4 GHz band.