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The Benefits of Using Low Profile XY Table

A low profile XY table is one of the most commonly used solutions in the manufacturing industry. It is also a popular choice for small workshops owned by people who pursue metal and woodwork as a hobby or a profession. You are probably wondering why this is the case. What makes these tables a go-to solution for this many people?

We are here today to answer these questions for you. But before we start listing all the attractive benefits of using low profile cross tables, let us first tell you what they are.

What is a Low Profile XY Table?

As you might already know, XY tables feature X and Y axes, a work area and wheel to enable you to move the work surface in any direction you might like. So how are the low profile XY tables any different from other XY tables on the market. The key is in the “Low Profile” prefix.

Low Profile XY tables have the same characteristics and functionality as any other XY table, but where they differ from them is the size. They are compact and small, designed for a wide range of accurate positioning applications. The size of a tool in a workshop plays a vital role, in terms of efficiency, ease of use, and the number of use cases.

High Precision Work

The size of the XY table doesn’t have to do anything with the ability to accurately place and maneuver the objects with it. Although significantly smaller than other products in this category, low profile cross tables don’t sacrifice any accuracy. They still come with a wheel calibrated in the metric or imperial system to help you configure X and Y axes as you please.

For precise work, you will have to use a table with very precise wheels. More importantly, those wheels have to come with sub-divisions that enable you to move the work area exactly where you want it. Low profile XY tables come with wheels that have sub-divisions, which equals high precision work.

Adjustable Travel Range

Unmounting/mounting XY tables is a time-consuming task, which is quite often borderline impossible. In most instances, people are forced to do this because the travel range of the XY table is no longer sufficient for it to enable the work on a very large object. This is why people have their reservations toward low profile cross tables, thinking that their travel range is not enough.

It is quite the contrary. Even though they are compact, these tables support an adjustable travel range. This means that you will be able to set the travel range to support the work on even some of the largest objects in your workshop.

Better Efficiency

Mounting and dismounting objects from a standard XY table, moving around it, and having to reorganize the workspace so that it supports smooth workflow just because of its size – these are the tasks that eat up a great chunk of your time. The size of the XY table can affect your efficiency as well, especially if you don’t have that much space in your workshop.

Compact XY tables provide the same level of functionality as the standard ones. On the other hand, they take up significantly less space. This will allow you to organize the workplace according to your needs and stay as efficient as possible.

Consistent Work Quality

Consistent work quality depends on your skills, knowledge, and tools. Being able to accurately and consistently target the key areas on the metal or wood pieces you are working on unfortunately doesn’t depend on your skills nor your knowledge. The tools you are using have a big say in this.

With a low profile cross table, you will be able to maneuver the pieces on the go and get to the right spots, even after the pliers cause your object to move.

Easy Installation

Installing standard XY tables requires some time and since they are big and heavy, you will quite often need to get a hefty piece of wood or any other material to place them on. This is one of the rare downsides of using standard size cross tables.

On the other hand, low profile ones are very easy to install thanks to them being light and compact. You will be able to get down to business pretty soon after you get your hands on one of them.

These are the 5 major benefits of using a low profile XY table. As you can see, it is an essential piece of equipment that offers the same functionality of the standard XY table.