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The Best to Do List App for Mac: 7 Apps That Check All the Boxes

How do you stay organized?

For most people, writing down what they have to do in a day, week, or month works best. They can organize their schedule, plan their time wisely, and have a hard copy of their tasks to keep an eye on. A to-do list is a no-brainer!

But gone are the years of writing your plans on paper. That’s just a one-way ticket to losing your schedule amongst a stack of files or down the back of your desk. Now, it’s all about digitizing your days, and finding the best to-do list app for Mac computers is the best way to do this.

Find your next scheduler with our run-through of 7 of the best to-do list apps for Mac.

1. Microsoft to Do

Have you ever heard of Wunderlist? It was one of the best free to-do list apps for a long time! But, in 2015, Microsoft took over the app and made it even better.

Some of the Wunderlists features on the newer Microsoft To-Do app, and it has the same simple, seamless experience. But what Microsoft did that Wunderlist didn’t makes the app focus on the feature My Day, which begins every day with a blank to-list ready to be filled. It also integrates Office 365, letting you work across platforms with ease.

For example, if there’s an email in Outlook that you want to become a task in your app, you can simply flag it, and it’ll appear on your day’s to-do list. It also has an impressive feature that suggests your daily to-do’s based on your past lists. So, if it realizes you need to go grocery shopping every Monday, it’ll suggest it for you as soon as you open the app – it doesn’t get simpler than that!

2. Evernote

If you ask people what is the best to-do list app for mac? You’ll probably get a lot of people telling you about Evernote. It is like the original to-do list that all the others followed, making it a traditional option for long-time app users. It has definitely stood the test of time, too, which is impressive for a simple to-do list app!

One thing that Evernote does very well is multi-method note-taking. The app lets you put together your notes and personal to-do lists using various features, including voice memos, photos, videos, and word documents. You can even upload PDFs if you need to!

3. Omnifocus

If you’re looking for a task manager app for Mac that’s loaded to the brim with features, Omnifocus is a great option. It’s made exclusively for Apple products and has everything you need to schedule your life. You can take notes, group different lists together into larger projects, and sync your notes between devices.

The app is simple in design but doesn’t lack when it comes to features. For on-the-go scheduling and project management, this is a great app.


Straightforward and super easy to use, this is one of the best to-do list apps for iPhone and Mac users. It integrates with iOS’s reminders app, helping you set tasks across apps so that you can access your lists on any device, wherever you are. You can tell Siri to set a reminder, and it’ll pop up in, making it ideal for notes on the move.

It also has a ton of great organizational features. From sorting your groceries by store aisles to prioritizing tasks on your day plan, the creators of this app definitely know how to organize! The only thing that would stop anyone from getting this app once they see how great it is would be app store connection issues – and even they might not stop you!

5. Todoist

Todoist is an app that’s created purely for to-do lists. If that’s all you’re looking for, it’s worth checking out! You can link it to your Facebook or Google profile, set up new tasks with deadlines and priorities, and link similar lists together. Tick the box next to your task when it’s done for a satisfying finish.

6. 2Do

For a no-nonsense task app that’s all about efficiency, try out 2Do. It is designed for the busiest people who can’t spare a minute to organize their to-do list! It’s focused entirely on speed, with a quick-add feature that makes creating new tasks simpler than ever and letting you tick lists quickly as you work through them.

It isn’t as full of features as some of the other apps here, but not everyone’s looking for that. If you just want an easy task list app that doesn’t confuse you, this is the winning option.

7. GoodTask

GoodTask is another mac task list that integrates with Apple Reminders and the Apple Calendar. So, if you pop a task in either of these, you can be sure it’ll show up in GoodTask! Like 2Do, it isn’t loaded with features, but there aren’t any downsides to it.

It’s a to-do list app that impresses, even without all the frills. It’s functional, uses smart sorting to organize your lists, and is incredibly easy to use. What more do you want?

Find the Best To-Do List App for Mac

While we couldn’t name a single best to-do list app for Mac, any of these could be contenders for that top spot. Read through, find the one that suits your needs the most, and give it a go! If you don’t like it, there’ll be six others waiting for you to download them.

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