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Transform Your Home with This Crestron Home Automation System

This Crestron Multi-Room Audio Video system installed in Primrose Hill needs to be seen to be believed. All the video zones that have been created in the house can view centralised Virgin Media Tivo, as well as Apple TV.

The Audio zones are able to access an Autonomic MMS Digital Media server, which is able to offer internet radio, Spotify and access to the client’s iTunes database. For adding a personal touch to the installation, Custom Controls (the home audio video installations experts who installed the system), were able to stream the local radio from where they were from to the property.

Each room in the property is linked to create an incredible high-end home entertainment system. The residents can easily move from the classy open plan family room to the dining room and through to the kitchen to ensure that the listener doesn’t miss a thing.

The main “formal” living room of the property possesses a state of the art retractable projector screen, which is able to drop down when in use and stored when not in use by retracting into the ceiling of the room. Out of sight, out of mind! The living room also has an Origin Acoustic in-ceiling speaker to offer a truly unique and high-quality audio experience that few other systems are able to match. For controlling the room, the resident is able to use their own iPad to modify the lighting using the unique Lutron Grafik Eye mood lighting system that is installed.

The second family living room on the lower ground floor has a similar setup to the main living room of the house. It has a gigantic 55-inch Samsung TV with crystal clear clarity. For superior audio, the room makes use of 10-inch Origin Acoustic in-ceiling speakers. The bass of these speakers need to be seen to be believed. There is no need to install a sub-woofer in this system, because of the superior low end bass the speakers produce.

Another wall-mounted TV was installed in the kitchen of the property. It is able to show what is displayed on the other TVs in the other rooms of the property. It too makes use of stereo Origin Acoustic speakers in the ceiling of the room. For security, the property also has an LCD intercom panel which allows the residents to communicate with the person at the front door on each level.