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What are YouTube influencers and their benefits for brands?

You have probably heard about digital influencers. Nevertheless, do you know who they are? Digital influencers are those who have loyal and engaged followers on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), produce content and exert influence on their followers’ purchasing decision-making. In other words, these so-called influencers endorse the brands that give them money to promote their products/services. 

We call this entire process influence marketing. Among all social networks, YouTube has the largest number of influencers, endorsing brands for their viewers. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It has more than a 2.2 billion active users. It is the reason why influence marketing has become the hottest YouTube marketing strategy. These influencers have high reach on their social networks and high engagement rates and use their platforms so that brands reach their audiences in a more assertive, natural and creative way.

Why are influencers important in social media strategy?

Today, information is just a click away from anyone. If today, we have so much quality information and so fast in the palm of our hands, brands could not be different. They need to be within the 2021 trend that is here to stay. Traditional advertisements are important, but gaining less importance. Nowadays, hearing from someone else with their experience of using services/products is gaining more space every day. Making this partnership is important to generate authority, trust and credibility for your brand.

Youtube influencers can easily convince their audience to get more Free YouTube subscribers, the subscribers will help their brands to grow more as a business.

Mega Influencers – More than 1 million followers

They have a large following with promotions carried out in large quantities. As the audience is diverse, it reaches many people. 

Macro-Influencers – between 200 and 1 million followers

They have specific themes in their content creations such as beauty, travel, health, finance, humor and the like. Even though it is a restricted niche, they have a large amount of people interacting with content, with common interests.

Influencer – between 100 thousand and 500 thousand

They are the ones that reach good numbers and have a high engagement rate. You need to find the best strategy to hire an influencer for your brand.

Micro-Influencers – 10 thousand and 100 thousand

Micro influencers have a good relationship with their audience and loyal followers for producing good content.

Nano-influencers – up to 10 thousand

Nano influencers are the group of influencers who, even though they do not have a large number of followers, have a very specific niche and thus manage to be more assertive in their disclosures.

Top Celeb

They are those without a specific theme. They have a large number of followers. Their brand will have a lot of visibility. However, it does not have great sales conversion.

Fit Celeb

The influencer considered fit celeb talks very well with audience and has a high relevance. They talk to a large number of people and manage to generate engagement, and sales for their brand.


To generate greater conversion, your brand’s perception is very important to look for an influencer who has authority on a certain subject. This type of influencer has a low audience but high engagement and high conversion rates.


As the name implies, the ecosystem can be a set of influencers reaffirming the power of a brand. It has a low reach but great relevance for the brand, as they produce targeted content, as a result, their conversion is always very high.


They are the first to take action and debate a cause. They are authorities on the subject and are highly respected by the public, which is low but has a lot of resonance. Brands that want to work more on their positioning look for this type of influencer.


The journalist influencer is that digital influencer that comes from traditional media, bringing news to its audience with a lot of knowledge and foundation.