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Technology vs. Which is best in 2020 is where you can find the free software for WordPress that you can download and install to build a website on your own web server. lets you do available host your own website.

But on, that’s not the same thing. For you, takes care of all the web hosting. It is absolute free with hosting and you don’t have to pay penny for hosting site. 

With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, it’s important to choose a platform that works well for you. Our recommendation is WordPress as a CMS, and will highlight the many benefits associated with this platform below. vs. Which is better for Blogging


It’s simple to understand why it’s possible to confuse with, and conversely. In short, the .com version is free and self-hosted, while the .org version is for the free software that you would add to your own site or hosting account.

Curious to know what the difference between and is? Two separate online CMS platforms are and It’s possible to get confused between the two due to the similarity in titles.

Choosing the right platform can adversely affect your business’s growth. On a platform that does not meet your needs, it can also lead you to spend all your money.

Today in this article I am going to explain the core difference between and shortly. But this will not going deep difference. However, I will also recommend you which is best blogging choices. vs uses the very same tools as But it is hosted for you as well as similar to Wix features more like a website builder. is a self-hosted CMS which means that the software has to be downloaded to your computer. And you can run website or blog through your local host server. It can be localhost which is easy to setup and use. 

Simply I can say that offers more powerful and advanced features. Let’s you enable create custom website that fits your need. 

Through, you don’t have to think about the website domain, hosting. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about website security and management. . It can also be free, but there are also payment plans. The free plan restricts you to a subdomain and 3 GB of data. 

The best part: Only the most important face about these platforms is tools and themes. I mean to say that there are thousands of free plugins and themes available. That’s is pretty great.

For ease of usage, and are somewhat similar, but is more organized.  This platform is just for blogging purpose. As it has great features and options that you should need for creating beautiful blog website.


  • Provides ads for a free plan websites
  • No background in tech requires   
  • You get basic security for you with backups.


  • On your website, you do not sell ads, making it difficult to monetize 
  • A link powered by will be displayed on your blog. 
  • With, you cannot create membership website. is a self-hosted platform that ensures that your own hosting needs to be provided. The installation of is pretty simple. But there are almost every hosting services offer 1-Click installation for is very powerful, so you can create custom template designs and earn money from your own advertising. You may need to arrange backups for your own account, but it’s easy to have a plugin that can do this for you.

Unlike, is a self-hosted website, which means you need to source your own hosting service, so the two sites can’t really be compared. For all your requirements for hosting.


  • Fully customizable platform.
  • Let’s you place ads and earn money.
  • Support Google Analytics.
  • It is free and open source.


  • Your own hosting provider requires you to source

  • For website backups, you are responsible for


Both Platforms are easy to create a Website

Creating a website with both and at this moment is incredibly simple. With that being said, with, it is impossible to deny that the process is much simpler. 

By using’s free plan, and then only buying a domain name, the cheapest way to build a WordPress website is. It is great and simple to use any other CMS available on internet such as Jamoola. WordPress offers SEO friendly websites that is why it been best CMS so far. 

This is also why many ecommerce sites prefer to use WordPress over Shopfiy as their content creation and blogging platform. Flexible For Users goes perfect for most of users. As it has many useful features than Essentially, themes and plugins allow you to make significant changes to how both your WordPress site looks and works.

The same plugin directory is used for both platforms. That is why it is not sure for me to tell you which is best as both has same plugins. There is no subscription charge for using plugins, but has everything already built-in for blogging you will need anyway.

Finally, I recommend you go for Like other bloggers if you want to do start blogging and considering which is best for that than my vote for