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3 Growth Marketing Tactics for Small Business Owners


Business owners routinely struggle with understanding marketing, in part because there is so much jargon around it. After all, you hear about things like SEO, PPC, inbound marketing, and interruption marketing. To make matters more complicated, there is often crossover between them.

So, it won’t prove a shock if you haven’t heard of the growth marketing strategy or growth marketing best practices. Classic marketing focuses on short-term campaigns to create boosts in sales. Growth marketing focuses on building sustainable growth in the long term.

Wondering how? Keep reading for three key growth marketing tactics that will help you get started.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has turned into one of the major forms of contemporary marketing and is a component of inbound marketing. Content marketing helps bring in leads by enticing potential customers with quality, relevance, and usefulness.

Let’s look at it in terms of one or two growth marketing examples.

A bakery creates how-to videos about making quick bread, cake decorating, and choosing good pans. The videos provide useful information that is relevant for their customer base. Ideally, the videos also possess decent production values.

This kind of content builds trust and established authority. When viewers need complicated cakes or pastries, they’ll think of this bakery first and boost sales.

Since the videos will remain online indefinitely, they can keep bringing more and more viewers and sustain growth.

Improve User Experience

User experience essentially means how visitors interact with your website, along with their impressions after they leave. A good user experience is one where the visitor found everything they were looking for seamlessly. That’s good because they should leave with zero complaints about being on your website.

Improving user experience should come in high on your growth marketing goals. The happier a visitor is with your website, the less likely it becomes that they’ll abandon your site in frustration.

You can boost that experience with things like great content, SEO, and mobile readiness. You can boost your understanding of user experience with good monitoring, such as IP tracking. You can head over here to learn more about that.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a profoundly powerful tool because it lets you directly contact and talk with customers. It’s also low-cost, which helps explain its high ROI.

In terms of growth marketing, it’s a long-term strategy that lets you create an ever-expanding list of warm leads. Even if your list grows slowly, it should boost results every time you launch a new product or service.

Growth Marketing Tactics and You

The above growth marketing tactics are a small sample of what’s available. Those tactics, in particular, are helpful for small business owners because you can often start working on them without minimal outside help.

You can create content on your own at first. You can work on making your website more user-friendly with better content and navigation. You can manage your email list on your own and use it to build trust with customers.

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