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6 Popular Emojis With Their Hidden Meanings Revealed

Emojis are not only made for showcasing facial expressions. They allow users to attach emotions to a straight message and they also have other categories like food, cars, plants, flowers, trees, people, tools, and more. However, some people find using emojis to be  unprofessional. Like for example, you’re visiting a site and you’re reading an article about ram compatibility because you’re trying to learn how you can find the compatible hardware to upgrade your pc. If the site uses a lot of unnecessary emojis, you might think that this site doesn’t really seem credible and professional, because they opted to use emojis instead of actual words.

But emojis actually have more meaning than what they let on. We will dwell more on emojis that belong to different categories that many find confusing because they have double meanings. This article will show six popular emojis and their hidden meanings. 

The Kitchen Knife Emoji

The knife emoji can depict more than just a kitchen knife. Insanely mad people can use this emoji. When someone is angry and expresses their feelings in a way they want to destroy something, they sometimes send knife emojis or the toy gun emoji. Although this may not harm someone because it is sent virtually, you should still know its meaning.

In the emoji world, the kitchen knife is not sent just for cutting, slicing, and other cooking-related actions. The emoji is often used by people who are feeling an emotion, specifically anger. Aside from depicting emotions and food, this can also mean watching horror movies in free time. You can use it whenever you share with someone a slasher film.

The Weary Chick In A Cracked Egg

There will always be a time in people’s lives to realize nothing else can excite or cheer them up. The feeling of having emotions of sadness and disappointment where shrugging of shoulders, sighing, and loss of interest is happening. You never thought this chick in the cracked egg symbolizes people that are weary and shrugs everything they feel.

This chick has a tilted head, a slight shrug of the wings, and wings are yet to develop. Nothing excites the chick when it first sees the outside world. Several people said that the chick is saying, “Is this it?” disappointed in what it saw when it pecked out of its eggshell. It is a cute emoji but has a sad and more profound meaning behind it too.

The Goat Emoji 

This Goat emoji belongs to the category of animals. Many people see it as a regular goat emoji, but to some, there is more to it. The hidden meaning of the white goat symbolizes the zodiac sign Capricorn. This emoji of a goat can be used whenever people read through monthly or yearly horoscopes about Capricorns.

Another hidden gem behind this emoji is its G.O.A.T acronym. The meaning of the abbreviation is the “Greatest Of All Time.” Some people send this goat emoji, implying that they had the best day of all their life or they did something great.

The Kiss With No Heart Or The Whistle Emoji

People get confused about this emoji. There is also a similar emoji, but with a heart on it, sending a flying kiss is the meaning of that emoji. But with this no-heart kiss emoji, people debated through this emoji if it is a kiss or a whistling emoji. 

The lips are puckered up with a lusty feel to it. People often use this as an alternative for sending kisses through messages. Several were confused about what it truly is, so a debate settled this, and it said this was a whistling emoji. 

The Empty Stare With Gritted Teeth

This emoji is a plain facial expression that shows awkwardness or pain. The emoji can also mean the person is having severe diarrhea or constipation, depending on how the users insert it in their messages. This emoji can be misinterpreted by many since it can mean a lot just by looking at it. 

This broad grin can convey a lot of different emotions; that’s why many people get confused about how to use it. This specific emoji is often used by teenagers doubtful of people, especially on what they are sharing. 

The Dash Smoke Emoji

Other people use this emoji when they head out in a rush. They sometimes insert this whenever they go grocery shopping, heading for school, late for work, and many more than correlates with being late. When a person is in a hurry to do things, they use this emoji when they post on statuses or send messages.

Many of you might not know that the Dash emoji is also a sign of vaping sessions. The dash emoji does not only imply being in a hurry over things but also it signifies the action of vaping. Vaping releases a cloudy white smoke whenever vape users smoke. They found an emoji to represent that they are vaping.


Nowadays, people are using emojis when they want to express something or show what they are up to. Some people have a hard time expressing themselves through words. Emojis can convey what people are feeling without the need to use words. 

But some emojis have hidden meanings to them that most people do not understand. Young adults have their way of interpreting emojis compared to older people. By reading this article, you will know the hidden meanings of these emojis.