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ACP Sheet Applications on Building Exterior & Interior Surface

ACP panels have become an important part of building a beautiful home with eye-catchy exteriors and interiors that make a long-lasting impression. They are durable as well as cost-efficient, which means they don’t put much dent on pockets.

ACP panels offer numerous benefits and applications. Among all, cladding exterior and interior building surfaces are the most prominent applications of ACP sheets. So, without further ado let’s get started with ACP sheet applications on building exterior and interior Surfaces.

Exterior Applications of ACP Sheets

Here’re the exterior ACP sheet applications:

1. Cladding Building Surfaces

ACP panels have been extensively used for cladding the whole building externally. They are a popular & favored material as they are easy to install and require low maintenance. They allow water and dirt to run down easily and prevent your walls from staining.

2. Curtain Walls

Curtain walls make sure the building structure has strength. They protect us from harsh environmental effects & natural phenomena. ACPs are perfect to use as curtain walls because they are strong, durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant.

3. Parapet Walls & Roof Edges

Parapet walls and roof edges are places where ACP sheets fit perfectly. They are already affordable and also cut down your cost of maintaining and painting outside walls.

4. Column Covers and Beam Wraps

ACP sheets will make your columns and beam modern and upstyled. They are known for their aesthetic effect and appearance that makes them a futuristic material to use as exterior and interior column covers and beam wraps.

5. Dado

Dado is the lower portion of the building walls and above the skirting boards. Applying ACPs on dado makes it beautiful and helps prevent any damage or stains.

Many real estate developers and builders are using such interior and exterior, you can know more about them at

Interior Applications of ACP Panels

Here’re some of the Interior ACP panel applications: 

1. Kitchen Cabinets

Creating your kitchen interiors is where Aluminium Composite Panels shine the most. Using ACP panels, designers can create a minimal kitchen design that’s soothing for the eyes too.

2. False Ceiling

Creating a false ceiling with ACP sheets is so simple because of their extremely flat surface. ACP panels are popular go-to material for false ceiling due to their heat insulation properties which help keep the temperature of insides low.

3. Wall Partitions

Aluminium Composite Panels are also utilized in creating wall panels for homes and office requirements. As ACPs are economical and lightweight, they are ideal for creating partitions. Further, the colors don’t fade away that easily meaning their aesthetic appeal keeps going on.

4. Bathroom Wall

Bathroom walls are another place where ACP panels are used for cladding wall surfaces. What makes ACP sheets the best-suited material is their water and moisture-resistance capabilities. The natural color finishes and strong & rigid properties make ACP a top choice for bathroom wall cladding.

5. Sound Barrier

The sound insulation property of the Aluminium Composite Panel helps eliminate the noise-related problem. Installing ACP panels as sound barriers for your home or office spaces enables you to spend your day peacefully and comfortably.

Wrapping Up

These are just the tip of the iceberg as ACP panels have a multitude of applications and benefits. Durability, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance, heat & sound insulation, and many other such properties of ACP panels make it the best alternative material that interior designers, architects, and builders favor.

Envitect is a top renowned ACP sheet manufacturer in India offering a wide array of ACPs in different sizes, finishes, and thicknesses. They use the quality raw material to produce high-end ACP panels for both exterior and interior applications to meet your bespoke demands.

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