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All About What Is Digital Marketing? Main Strategies, How To Use It And What To Expect From It

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What Is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing is the name given to the set of strategies and tools that use the internet and virtual devices to promote products and services, strengthen the relationship between brands and consumers and build the identity of a company.

But why has digital marketing become the main model of dissemination and contact between companies and customers?

There are undoubtedly many answers to this question and some of them are present in the impressive numbers that the different marketing platforms present.

78% of internet users conduct research on products they wish to buy using digital platforms such as social media and research tools. 

There are 1.5 billion users on social networks worldwide. 

78% of sales professionals who use social networks have a better return than professionals who do not. And that’s just the beginning! 

The data presented above are worldwide, however, 80% of companies are still in the initial stages of building a digital marketing strategy. And it is with this in mind that we created this guide, which brings together everything about what digital marketing is. 

If you are among these companies or if you have already advanced a few steps, I recommend that you can continue this reading. 

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To really know what digital marketing is, you need to have a clear perception of the current digital landscape, the importance of digital marketing in this context of constant innovations and, finally, what to expect from it when applying it to your company. 

While some companies already have solid roots in the digital marketing environment, others are still in their infancy, and some seem to ignore its real importance and, in fact, do not fully understand what digital marketing is .

Despite all the growth of digital marketing in recent years, there are some companies that still do not understand their real role and are fighting against migration to the digital environment.

In fact, the use of the internet and technologies based on the concept of cloud computing have brought possibilities that go beyond digital marketing and include, among others, collaborative work between company teams and, especially, the Home Office, also known as telework .

However, in this article our goal is to bring together everything about what digital marketing is, including:

  • concept (which we have covered so far);
  • current scenario;
  • main strategies;
  • benefits of adopting digital marketing. 

Current Digital Landscape Of Digital Marketing

Before we dedicate ourselves to presenting general information about the digital marketing scenario in the world, we would like to share with you the infographic below. 

It seeks to gather some of the numbers obtained by research that considered the use of the main digital marketing strategies , used by companies of all sectors and sizes. 

Over the years, people have been increasingly connected. 

With the evolution of the internet and the means of communication – mainly of mobile communication devices – people started to be connected to the world wide web almost 24 hours a day, consuming and sharing a multitude of contents.

The internet allows people a wide range of interaction options, such as: 

  • inform yourself;
  • access videos and music;
  • play;
  • to study;
  • make friendships;
  • Share your knowledge;
  • research products and services;
  • debate opinions, etc.
  • With so many people spending so much time connected, companies could not be left out of these platforms. 

And that is one more reason why the concept of what digital marketing is has become so present in the marketing plans of organizations. 

On the other hand, the internet can contribute positively or negatively to the image of companies, through user comments and the strategy adopted as a generator of relevant content or just an advertiser for their products or services .  

The comments of consumers who give their opinion on a certain product or service give much more credibility than traditional advertising and can influence the results of your company’s performance indicators.