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Benefits of TK119-T Cold Chain Logistics Temperature Monitoring GPS Tracking Device

When it comes to logistics and supply chain management, the cold chain is mostly on demand. Cold chain products, also called temperature sensitive products such as fresh foods, vaccines, medicines, etc. require constant temperature starting from the day they are manufactured until they’re used. It’s essential to uphold the temperature of these cold chain products because break in this cycle will affect the quality of the products as well as its shelf life. So, cold chain logistic companies must have properly trained professionals and stay up-to-date technology to ensure efficiency and safety of the goods transported. That’s the reason behind why many of the logistics companies are now stepping behind TK119-T Cold Chain Logistics Temperature Monitoring GPS Trackers for Vehicles!

TK119-T Cold Chain Logistics Temperature Monitoring GPS Tracking Device

The TK119-T Vehicle GPS/LBS Tracking Temperature Monitoring Device          is intended to deliver precise temperature and climatic conditions for transporting cold items and goods. This GPS tracking device sends you a high-speed alert to let you know when the temperature has dropped or risen beyond normal.

Product Features Includes:

  • GPS/LBS Dual-mode Positioning
  • Dust-Proof and Water Proof
  • ACC Status Check
  • Over Speed Alarm, Geo Fence Alarm, Low Battery and Power Failure Alarm

Benefits of TK119-T Cold Chain Logistics Temperature Monitoring GPS Tracking Device

  • Send immediate alert when temperature goes beyond the threshold value
  • Send alerts when packages are opened or vehicles stopped at unauthorized locations.
  • Send accurate reports with all details including: routes taken, no. of stops, etc.
  • Delivers the most effective route plan to drivers by providing real-time data, traffic conditions and climatic conditions

Overall, this GPS tracker with temperature monitoring ensures that your goods are transported accurately, and safety whether the goods are fresh/frozen goods, or temperature sensitive products such as vaccines or medications.

Application of TK119-T Cold Chain GPS Tracking Device

  • Cold chain logistics
  • Food storage
  • Pharmaceuticals storage
  • Cold storage management
  • Temperature of IoT


By having TK119-T cold chain logistics temperature monitoring GPS tracking device, you can be rest assured that your products will get delivered safety, your losses will be reduced and also you can cut down insurances costs!

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