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Groupon Statistics – Why is Groupon Better than Living Social?

Groupon versus Living Social

Are you wondering if Groupon is better than Living Social? Do you want to save more and enjoy striking services? Groupon daily deal services caught around like a fierce wildfire last year! There were so many deep discounts on everything and anything you can think off. The website attracted plenty of customers who want to do nothing but save. The discounts ranged across a variety of products like jeans, shoes, cosmetics, hotels and skydiving lessons. Meanwhile, Living Social, another player in the world of daily deals had featured city outings. So, who was the best? Who topped the race on best daily deal services?\

According to a study, most daily deal users prefer Groupon over Living Social. To be more precise, 83{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} of daily Users are registered with Groupon’s services. On the other hand, only 44{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} are registered with Living Social. This makes Groupon a clear winner of the race. There are few prominent reasons why Groupon is much more famous than Living Social amongst users. For example, Groupon works by promising a minimum number of clients to merchants. The promotions actually begin only when a certain number of users are registered for the particular deals. This converts users to effective marketers. Save by using Groupon Coupon.

Also, Groupon delights loyal customers with amazing services. No matter what your issue is,Groupon customer care will handle it for you! They respond and resolve issues very quickly. This was lacking in Living Social. Over the past few years, many Living Social users came up with customer care issues. They were not able to resolve hassles. As a result, they stopped using the site’s services. This can be attributed to the difference in number of users for Groupon and Living Social. However, the fact that both Groupon and Living Social depend on mobile applications and e-mail alerts is inevitable. The moment you opt for avail services you will become an effective marketer.

Groupon and The Social Media

Another interesting study was able to relate Groupon with social media network websites. Statistics claim that 80.2{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} of social media users, who were ardent followers of brands used Groupon. That is because many brands flaunt their wonderful styles, products and services at rock bottom rates in Groupon! If you are an active user, you will be able to avail these services and products at stunning prices. Meanwhile, online users who like and follow brands in social media networking sites receive special discounts and offers in Groupon. These deals and discounts at Groupon are for all kinds of users, irrespective of their age or requirements.

The brands use social media networking sites and Groupon intuitively. They believe that people who improve their online traffic and social media rankings need better deals and discounts. They are worth their promotional offers and coupons. And of course, one cannot resist Groupon deals from brands they love the most!

On the whole, Groupon, social media, brands and customers are intervened. There is a relationship you cannot resist or neglect!