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Most recommended guides for CBAP CERTIFICATION

The CBAP® certification is normally best suitable for the individuals that have existing experience in BA. The individuals holding the CBAP® certification hold the highest position in the community of BA. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

To acquire the CBAP® certification, one must fulfil the following:

  • Earn experience worth of 7,5000 hours associated with Business Analysis within the past ten years. 
  • It should also include a total of 900 hours of experience in the four knowledge areas out of the six. 
  • Must earn professional development experience for thirty-five hours within the past four years. 
  • Accept the Code of conduct. 
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Clear the exam.

Guides for CBAP® preparation


  • BABoK® Guide Version3: It is one of the most crucial Guide one can follow to prepare for the exam. It is considered to be very useful for the exam since it covers all the concepts related to the exam. You can go through it to learn the subjects and get a clearer idea of the concepts. You must understand the concepts present in this Guide thoroughly before taking up the exam. 


It is important to thoroughly understand the concepts to apply them. Therefore, you must start with this Guide for your preparation. Then you can boost up the level of preparation by solving practice questions. 


  • CBAP®/CCBA® Certified Business Analysis Guide: It is considered to be simple and easy to understand Guide. It covers all the important concepts for the exam. It also contains sample questions to get a clearer view of the topics provided in the Guide. It is a great guide to enhance your BA practice. There are several scenarios given in the book from BA projects for the candidates to understand easily. The vital areas for the exam are also highlighted in the entire book. 

In addition, it provides questions after the ending of every section, along with its correct answers. However, it is a better choice to combine this Guide with another for better preparation and additional knowledge. You can also take an exam simulator after going through all the guides. 


  • The ESI CBAP® Exam: Practice Test and Study Guide®: It is a great book for anyone wanting to obtain a hard-copy of the questions and tests for the exam. It contains all the topics that are important for the exam, along with a reference from the BABoK® guide. It also contains a list of high-quality questions that are useful for the preparation. 


  • CBAP Certification Study Guide® v3.0: It is one of the best books available for anyone having experience related to business analysis. It is simple to learn from this study guide. It also includes references from the original BABoK Guide. Therefore, it is an incredible choice for anyone preparing for the CBAP exam. In addition, you can also understand the real-life world of the business analyst along with your preparation for the exam. You can also combine this book with any other guide for better result. 


  • CBAP® Certification and BABOK Study Guide®: Every knowledge area included in the BABoK are covered in this book. It also comes with a total of 300 practice questions. It contains every important concept related to business analysis along with the reference from the actual BABoK® guide. It also contains a range of useful tools and methods, along with templates. It is a book by Hans Jonasson. 

Tips for the Exam 

  • You should always start by understanding the syllabus and the format of the exam. Also, you must know the objectives of the exam. There are a total of six domains present in the entire syllabus. You need to understand each of the topics/concepts thoroughly before taking the exam. 
  • It is crucial to have preparation materials for the exam. Also, going through the concepts of the BABoK® Guide thoroughly is recommended. You must start by reading the Guide first. Learning the subjects included in the Guide is very important. In addition, you must ensure that you have the knowledge and understanding of the topics present in the Guide. 
  • You can take up additional guides for the preparation of the CBAP certification exam. There are guides that can offer high-quality questions and sample tests that can be helpful in your exam preparation. 

Final Conclusion

It is very tough to crack the CBAP exam, so it requires proper planning and preparation. Thus, you must make use of the guides and useful resources available to prepare for the exam.