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Personal Brand Vs Trademark – What Kind Of Brand Can I Create?

One of the most asked questions is: what kind of brand can I create? This is the first question that an infinite number of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs come to mind when they start to have a business idea in their head.

The truth is that it is very easy to differentiate which is the one that suits you, that’s why, today I together with bring this post about personal brand vs trademark, in which I will highlight the qualities of each one so that you have everything much clearer when it comes to expressing your business ideas.

I will also help you and provide you with some resources that I have created, especially for those followers who want to start that dream of creating their brand today. Are you ready?

Trademark Definition

The brand in the commercial area is one of the most important elements of any business idea since it will allow you to differentiate yourself in the market and this will allow your audience to recognize and identify you easily. The trademark can be a symbol, a name, a term, initials, some icon or object related to what you are going to sell.

Definition of Personal Brand

Personal branding is defined as that brand used by a non-commercial person, that is, a natural person, who has a personal project that they want to carry out. Also known as a personal brand are those businesses that some person is capable of leaving on others.

Which Is Better? Personal Brand or Trademark?

Many of the people who come to me ask me:  What brand is best for my business? And I always help them understand that creating a personal or commercial brand is not based on one being better than the other, but rather leaning towards different needs. Then I will teach you what each one needs so that you can make it clear what kind of brand will be useful for your project.

Qualities of the Personal Brand

  • Personal branding tends to show a more human side on digital platforms.
  • Authenticity and originality.
  • It will allow you to transmit your knowledge to other people.
  • You can start working on what you are passionate about and start from there to be a personal brand.
  • It is not transferable; it is born and dies with the person.
  • Build immediate trust.
  • Goals and values ​​go hand in hand with those of the person.
  • Customized services.
  • Spontaneous and natural communication.
  • Chances of becoming an influencer.
  • Represents a creator.

Trademark Qualities

  • The mission and vision can remain for generations.
  • Ideal for businesses, companies and organizations.
  • Work is usually delegated to teams.
  • Formal communication.
  • You can hire specialists in the area.
  • You hire influencers to promote the brand.
  • Optimal for companies that want to sell products and services.
  • They depend on a marketing strategy.
  • Useful to identify products and services.
  • Represents a company.
  • It must generate positive consumer experiences and feelings.