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Sustainability Reporting: You Can Do More to Help the Planet

According to the UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability, the main agenda is reducing poverty, promoting equality, and making production & consumption more sustainable. These efforts are to be implemented alongside the continuing focus to counter global warming. As a manager or entrepreneur, you have a bigger role in ensuring these agendas, plus others that can help make the world a better place, achievable. This is why you should adopt ESG sustainability reporting. 

The good thing about ESG sustainability reporting is that there is no limit to what you can do. As you focus on making positive social, environmental, and corporate impacts, you can do a lot more to make the planet a better place for all. Keep reading to learn of four unique things that you can do to promote more adoption of ESG sustainability reporting for a better globe. 

Influence Stakeholders in the Chain Supply Management

The efforts you make for sustainability, whether cutting down emissions or changing to renewable energy sources, are crucial in promoting a sustainable economy. However, they can easily be watered down if other parties, especially those you work with, are not focused on sustainability. Think of a company that puts a lot of effort into promoting species protection but gets supplies from firms involved in environmental destruction. 

If you can get more companies to adopt ESG sustainability reporting, achieving higher levels of sustainability will be easier. To do this, consider relooking at your contractual agreement with other stakeholders in the supply chain. When drafting new agreements, insist that you will only be able to source raw materials or sell raw materials to firms that operate sustainably. If they do not know how to implement ESG reporting, help them to appreciate the associated benefits and with implementation too. 

Support Initiatives that Seek to Promote Greater Focus on Sustainability 

Most stakeholders, from customers to shareholders, appreciate the importance of sustainability reporting. Therefore, the efforts you make should not be to simply show that you are compliant, but a demonstration that you are willing to go that extra mile to make the planet, which is our only home, a better place for all. So, as you cut emissions, improve the efficiency of operations, and build a happy workforce, here are other things that can make your business to stand out: 

  • Fund forestry projects targeted at promoting habitat restoration. 
  • Join efforts that target to build capacity for conservation, especially through education, where skills are taught to the young generation. 
  • Be part of the community helping less privileged communities, such as refugees, to get basic commodities, such as food and water. You can also help promote the social, political, and economic stabilization of their countries. 

Be a Case Study for Excellent ESG Sustainability Reporting

For new corporates, sustainability reporting is often seen as a cost that can be foregone. It is true that the process has some cost, but the benefits it yields in the long-term are all that your enterprise might require to succeed. If you have already implemented and started realizing the benefits of ESG reporting, that alone can serve as a guide for others. By serving as a case study, you will be telling them, “Look, ESG is a good thing and you can be more successful by adopting it.” 

ESG sustainability reporting comes with numerous benefits for your enterprise, the community, and the entire globe. This is why you should try and get more parties to join. Remember also to highlight that the process can be a lot easier by working with good sustainability management software.