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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Wire Stripper

You might think that a wire stripper isn’t an important enough purchase to require much consideration. Well you will be wrong; your life might depend on which wire stripper you pick. There are a lot of wire stripper out there so you need pieces of advice so that you can take caution not to buy counterfeit products. There are many wire strippers in the market and here are some of the factors you need to consider when purchasing the best wire stripping tool for you.

  • Cost of the stripper

Cost is most dependent on the budget of the one purchasing the stripper. If you need a quality product then you need to have enough money for the same. Most cheap products are meant to serve for a short period of time and then they tend to breakdown.

  • User friendliness

Some strippers are very difficult to use. For instance the steel dragon stripper; you really have to take your time in order to learn how to use it. Others are very easy to use. The rubber casing may also be so rough that it may cause some inflammation of your palms when using it. You need to select the wire strippers that you find easy to handle and that fits the size of your hand.

  • The intended purpose for the wire stripper

Anyone can use the wire stripper depending on the purposes for which it is intended. For those people who are professionals in the field of electrical engineering and works will need strippers that are high end and durable. On the other hand people who will use the strippers only once or twice can make do with a more basic model. Of course for the professionals, high end wire strippers are essential because the quality of the stripper might even effect the quality of the work they do.

  • The quality of the stripper

You need to be very careful on the type of stripper you need to buy. Since strippers are usually made up of steel, after a short period of time, there are those that will start rusting once exposed to the air. When buying the wire strippers, you should always make sure that the steel section is stainless steel. Others will have very low quality blades such that after using it twice, the blades become blunt, forcing you to start sharpening the blades, which is an extra expense and a hassle.

In terms of quality, there are those wire strippers that can only cut off one type of insulator while there are those that works with multiple insulators. Be sure to buy one that works with most types of insulators.