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Hydroponics and Why You Should Start Growing.

Gone are the days of soil plantation as we have gained knowledge in the art of Hydroponic growing and we want to tell you all about its benefits! Let’s just straight in!

It’s easily adaptable to suit the produces needs.

Unlike the natural plant and grow system, Hydroponics allows you to grow things like cucumbers, tomatoes and other various produce in your own home or garden. What we mean by this is that the parts are fully customisable. So we don’t have to travel to another country to get any produce, we can do it from our own country. This saves a tonne of money overtime and enables you to cut costs on any travel expenses and taxes if you wish to start a produce business.

The use of Grow Lightsaids the process of growing as it provides the optimum colour, brightness and strength for the process of Photosynthesis to work at its potential maximum. This not only increases the size of the produce but enables the growth rate to speed up. Depending on how many plants you have, depends on how many grow lights you may need.

If building your own Hydroponics system sounds scary; You’re in luck! Many Hydroponic companies sell full sets, and some may even do packs including lights and growing materials at discount prices. Remember, it’s essential that you get all the right components to allow you system to run smoothly.

And if it seems like a lot of effort… It’s not. If you think about it, a Hydroponic system increases the speed at which your plants grow, so the attention and care you would usually put in over a long period of time is shortened, therefore it may seem like you’re doing a lot more work for your money. Here’s another great thing, some particular systems allow minimal effort through the use of technological advances such as a self-timed light. What you can do is configure your settings to suit the plant and put it in place so it turns on and off when it needs to, ensuring the light receives the right amount of processing time and to also ensure that the plant does not overheat. Thus, making this a whole lot less effort!


The benefits are the Hydroponic system can be summed up by saying that it’s cheaper over-time, it’s quicker, more efficient and can be done by anyone!