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Leave the Chores to Cheep Professionals; Only Do What Matters

Cheep is an app that both Android and Apple devices users can enjoy. It will get the many chores you have to do off your plate. Whether it is some laundry you need done, some repair work or even a massage, cheep will help you get a cheap professional who will do the job perfectly.

The Cheep app has a user-friendly interface that is loved by many. Every function can be easily accessed thanks to the simple organization the app has. The colorful theme is well thought-out and the icons arranged in a manner that is pleasing to the eye.


  1. Listed professionals are skilled, verified, and trusted
  2. Affordable prices
  3. The booking process is very easy
  4. Insurance on all work done
  5. An emergency alert button that raises an alarm when pressed and Cheep can come to your rescue
  6. Refunds given on unsatisfactory work

How does this cool application work? It is actually very simple! When you want anything done, open the Cheep app and select the type of service you would like done. The options are many home services including babysitting, tutoring, carpentry, laundry, repair work, housekeeping, and fitness training to name but a few. Give details on the job you would like done including the date and time. You will see many professional profiles and their price quotes. Also provided is information on their qualifications, reviews, experience level, and recommendations. Choose the professional who suits your needs and budget best and contact them. You get to talk one-on-one by chat or phone and can negotiate the price and terms of work. Confirm the hire and the job will be done when you want it done.

What makes Cheep app stand out from the rest? There are several reasons the first being the fact that the worker and the one hiring can discuss the details of the job and agree on a price before a hire is confirmed. All the professionals you can find at this app are skilled and verified so you can be sure to get a great result. The after service warranty should increase your trust even more. Any damages incurred at your place as a Cheep professional works there shall be compensated. The emergency alert feature is one of a kind! When you feel distressed as a worker from Cheep works on your property, press this button and you will get help from the Cheep team fast.

When you need any Home Service the free Cheep app is the place to look. Relax and let the professionals handle it as you do the things that matter to you! Spend quality time with your family, work without tension, and get time to relax and let loose.

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