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CAPM Course, What is changing in PMBOK 6, Check it out

Our CAPM course will aid you to obtain the CAPM certificate and this will make you recognized as a professional especially when dealing with employers in the project management niche. This course will expose you to the methods used in the PMBOK and other globally acceptable project management practices.

CAPM course is structured to favor professionals that have only a little knowledge of project management as it introduces you to the basics of project management. Taking a CAPM course will boost your CV and make you favourable among competitors in any job interview. You can check it out on to learn more about CAPM course.

To answer the question of “What is changing in PMBOK 6”, we need to consider the inclusion of agile related information at necessary positions in the guide. There is a separate appendix for agile. There are 3 new processes that have been added making it 49 processes present in the upcoming 6th edition. These 3 new processes include managing project knowledge, implementing risk responses and controlling resources. Another noticeable change in the PMBOK 6th edition is the Change of Name Processes and Change of name of Knowledge areas.

They also made some significant changes in names. For instance, control risks have been changed to monitor risks while control communications have been changed to monitor communications. Control Stakeholder Engagement has also been changed to monitor stakeholder engagement.

Another answer to the question “What is changing in PMBOK 6” is the closing procurement from the PMBOK guide as many project managers do not have the power to close contracts or procurements.

The Final change in PMBOK 6th edition is the inclusion of Emerging trends. The new PMBOK will include generally accepted methods, trends and tools. You can check this out by visiting