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The Best App to Download YouTube Videos For Free

When you see a great music video or your favorite old timey movie uploaded by a random user to YouTube, the next thing you’ll be looking for is a good YouTube video grabber.

You might think this is an easy to do thing, after all the internet is a great resource. It will take hours or may be days to locate a good, free, virus free, trusted YouTube clip grabber that works with your OS.

Once you come back with one, most of the time that video you wanted will be removed due to copyright claims. This is especially true if you are going to download a movie. So if you have ever been in such a situation here is a great video downloader app that will help you to download videos even when the source files have been removed from YouTube.

Introduction to the app

The app is called Airy YouTube downloader. It’s just 13.7mb in size, and it can be downloaded in exe format. This program is entirely virus free and safe for your computer. So don’t be afraid to download this program.

What it has and how it works?

The Airy interface is also very easy to use and understand. It just has a small window to carry out all its functions. You can copy and paste the link of YouTube video you need to download into its URL bar, and pick the resolution by clicking the little double headed arrow. It has MP4 resolutions varying from 144p to 1080p and 3GP resolutions from 144p to 244p.  

Can it download audios as well?

Yes, it has the ability to download the audios from YouTube videos in mp3 format. To do it you have to paste the URL and select the mp3 format and click the download button. So waste no time and download this great online video grabber fast unless you want to lose access to another great video you’ve found on YouTube.