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Does sky3ds+ support River City:Knights of Justice on 3DS/Nintendo NEW 3DS XL?

3DS River City:Knights of Justice is finally available to download on the eShop 6 days ago, can we use the 3ds game supported card Sky3ds+ to play it for free on both original 3ds and new 3ds xl consoles? Here, let me tell you.

About 3DS River City:Knights of Justice

A new installment in the hilarious and widely acclaimed beat ’em up series River City. River City: Knights of Justice is punching, slashing, and casting its way to 3DS via the Nintendo eShop in North America and Europe on June 20, publisher Natsume.

Gameplay: The magical land of Riverandia is in a state of turmoil! Quite a long while have gone since the rainbow-colored Crystal Tower was suddenly enveloped in darkness. With the world plunged into horror and chaos, a legend began to spread amongst the people about a savior who would come to save the world. Then, one day, a lone knight appeared. His name: Alexander Valford. Kunio what’s more, his companions go medieval in River City: Knights of Justice! This unique entry to the River City series sees Kunio and his friends and foes transformed into heroes and villains that would be at home in any RPG! Use swords, staves, what’s more, even enchantment to take peace back to Riverandia!

Review: For anyone wondering what the big deal is, River City: Tokyo Rumble stole our hearts late last year on the 3DS with its simple but incredibly impactful combat mechanics and goofy charm. These are games that are just as much about making you smile as making you feel powerful, and they’re actually developed by Arc System Works, the same studio that produces the Guilty Gear games and the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ. This is clearly going to do not have the outrageous profundity of those games, but there’s something addicting and charming about River City’s simplicity.

Key Features

  • Multiple Allies!
  • Over 100 Quests!
  • Multiple Story Paths!
  • Tons of Unique Weapons!

Does Sky3ds+ support River City:Knights of Justice on Old 3ds and new 3ds xl?

No, cause sky3ds+ is emulating the 3ds cart roms not the 3ds eshop games. If a 3ds game is only released and can be downlaoded from Nintendo eshop, it can’t be played by sky3ds+ flash card. The pity is that River City:Knights of Justice is a 3ds eshop game, so we can’t use sky3ds+ to play this game on either original 3ds or new 3ds xl device. Then, which 3ds flash cart play free River City:Knights of Justice on Nintendo 3ds models? That is Gateway 3ds, it is supporting both 3ds eshop games and 3ds cart roms. However, this 3ds flashcart is only working on 3ds firmware version from v4.1 to v9.2, only to you with old system verison 3ds/new 3ds xl console can use the cart to play free River City:Knights of Justice.

Does Sky3ds+ support other River City 3ds games?

Yes, Sky3ds+ can support River City: Tokyo Rumble 3ds, you just need to download River City: Tokyo Rumble this game from, and copy to drag this game rom to the microsd card you prepare for the sky3ds+, insert sd card to sky3ds+, put sky3ds plus to old 3ds or new 3ds xl console. Then you can play River City 3ds games for free on your device. That’s so easy, yes? Or if you still want to play River City ds games on the Nintendo 3ds handheld-system, it is ok too, the r4 3ds card support River City Soccer Hooligans, River City Super Sports Challenge and other nds games on the 3ds/n3ds xl. The r4 card for 3ds is very cheap to buy, you can check its price here, so for you the fans of River City, it is a great choice.